Everyone is looking forward to buying a new smartphone. Some peoples keep changing their smartphones to new one whenever there is any new smartphone comes in the market. But, at that time, what is about the data stored in our old or previous device? If those data is predominant, then you must have to transfer it to your brand new smartphone you just bought. It may be contacts, images, videos, documents, apps and more. Here, we will discuss that how to transfer contacts from old device to the new device without having SIM card.

Excepting this method, there are also another options are available to do so. In which, you will have to take help from any cloud storage, any social medias, or applications. If you don’t want to take help from the third party, then you can use import and export contact option available on your phone. In which, you have to transfer all the contacts one-by-one. But, this becomes a little bit time-consuming process. There may be a chance of missing some contacts while moving the numbers one-by-one. So, this way may become a risky way for you. That’s why we discuss the easy method to transfer contacts.

In this method, we are not going to use any external source. However, by using only the new as well as old device, you can easily transfer the contacts.

how to Import-Export Contacts to Storage

Transfer Contacts from Old to New Android Smartphones

While following this method, you need both the device. So, keep both the old and new device nearly with you. Now, have a look at the process and keep transferring the contacts quickly.

In your old smartphone device,

  • Open the Contacts > Option from your smartphone.
  • It shows you all the contacts while it doesn’t matter that you have saved it in SIM or Phone.
  • At the top right corner of the screen, tap on an option to see other import-export options.
  • In those options, choose the Import/Export option.
  • Then, it gives you a chance to choose that from where you would like to copy contacts. Like from Cloud service, From the SIM Card, From Phone Contact, and from Phone Storage.

Transfer Contacts from OLD Device

  • Here, for example, we choose last option, Phone Storage.
  • After that, they also ask you that in which locations you would like to copy the contacts. Then, as per your wish, you can choose any of the options.

Transfer Contacts From the OLD smartphone

Along with the process of copying the contacts, there are in your File manager; one file will also take place. This data should be held either in SD card or Phone storage with the name as 0001.vcf or contacts.vcf. Now, find this contacts file by going into the File Manager of your old smart device.

  • To find it easily, just by going into the File Manager, search the vcf. The top most result is of the file. It also shows you the exact location of that contacts.vcf file.

Transfer Contacts 3

  • Now, to bring this all the contacts as a file on your new device, tap and hold on that vcf file.

Transfer Contacts 4

  • Then, select the available options by going into the Share option. By choosing the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Hotspot, you can easily do this task of transferring the file.

After moving the file, now its time to work on a new device.

  • Now, open the Contacts on your new smart device.
  • Tap on the menu option which is located at the top right corner of the screen. As it seen above, it shows you some options.
  • This time choose an option of Import since we want to import all contacts to this device.
  • Then, choose to import from SD card, if the transferred file is saved on SD card. You can also select the import from Phone storage if the file is stored in internal storage.
  • Here, click on that transferred file.

Now, you are done!

By applying above easy method, you can transfer contacts quickly from one device to another device. We hope that this method will help you a lot while to do so. If it helps you lots, then do not forget to share this discussion with your favourites.

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