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Best Chromecast Apps For Android

6 Best Chromecast Apps for Android

As an Android smartphone user, we are very familiar with one of the best internet browser, Google Chrome. We have often used it to surf the internet through the mobile. But, have you ever heard about the Chromecast Apps? As an answer, many of the users says NO. Well, do not worry, along with you, many users still do not know what it is. However, it is fascinating to get to know about it. For that, here we are coming …

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Audio Trimmer – Music Trimmer App

Audio Trimmer - Music Trimmer App 1

Every smartphone has its own ringtone to set on the device for incoming calls and messages. Among all the users, not everyone likes to set the pre-loaded tune as a ringtone. Some of the users are also want to set their favorite song as a ringtone. That’s why there are many of the songs are in the music files of the every smartphone users. But, due to the bigger length of the song, it can not be set as a ringtone. …

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How to Cancel Pandora One Subscription

There are so many apps are available at Google Play Store. But, all they are only applicable for smartphone devices, which runs on Android OS. Among all the android apps, some of the apps are free, while some of the apps come with paid version. Some apps are also there, for which you should have to make the subscription. The Pandora One is also that type of android app. To use Pandora One app, users subscription is the must. But, …

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Bass Booster for Android Smartphone


To listen to the music is one of the essential functions that can be done by the smartphone device. Previously peoples used to listen to music via MP3 players, but nowadays smartphones do have this feature also. So they listen to MP3 music audios using their smartphones directly. There are so many smartphones in the market with better sound quality. More than that, some devices also has their built-in audio equalizer. By using which, the user can set up the …

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How to Record System Audio on Android

HiFiCorder Record Android App 1

Nowadays, most of the smartphone devices are coming with the feature of call recording feature. By using which, you can record any calls from your phone. Some devices also allow you to record system audio using this feature. More than that, the Google Play Store also offers some audio recording apps to all the Android devices. We will also discuss here two best of the record system audio apps. Now, have a look at the discussion of the sound recording …

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Smart Voice Recorder App for Android


The latest smartphone comes with the various features and specs. Such as high internal storage, RAM, Camera, battery and more. Some smartphone also comes with the facility of voice recording or call recording. While, some device does not have this feature. So, What is about it? If your Android device does not have voice recording feature, then do not worry. Because, on the Google Play Store, various voice recording apps are available. Here, we will also discuss one voice recording …

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HipHopEarly Android App


The Google Play Store is like a treasure for all the Android smartphones as well as tablet devices. The Play Store is only one place where Android users can find all the required apps. All types of Android apps are only available at the Google Store. As an example Games, Image Editing App, Weather App, Alarm app, Battery saver app, and much more. But, here we will discuss an android app which is related to the Music. So, for all …

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My Mixtapez Music Android App


The Smartphone device is becoming one of the important needs of the people nowadays. There are so many functions can be easily completed by using the smart android device. The music listening is one of the functions that you can do because of the smart device. You can also store many of the music tracks as my mixtapes in the smartphone device, to listen to it. In addition of that, some music android apps are also available at the Play …

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Best Video Downloader For Android

Android Video Downloader

Nowadays so many peoples are using Android smartphones, and it is the core requirement for anyone. Also, people wants entertainment while they are at work or outside their office. Sometimes they need a break from usual things and want to watch some movies on their smartphones or tablets. So here we came up with an interesting article about best Video Downloader for Android Tablet and smartphones. If you want to download videos from the internet on your Android device or tablet, …

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10 Best All Format Video Player For Android Devices

All Format Video Player For Android

In today’s time, most of the individuals of all generations are obsessed with watching movies and their favorite T.V. shows on their mobile phones. Due to the proximity of time in this fast paced world, people like to watch shows while traveling and from work on their smartphones. This escalated the need to get the best free video player apps. There are a countless number of apps available on Google Play and other stores, which creates a lot of confusion …

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