Music is one of the best things that help all of us whenever we feel boring. Well, as we know that Music also has some genres. In which, some people would like to listen to slow music or some like fast music. There are also some people who like to listen to music as per their mood. Some people also like to listen to mixtapes music. If you are a fan of listening to mixtapes music, then this discussion is only for you. In which, we are going to discuss the best mixtapes app, LiveMixTapes Android App.

So, have a look at the full discussion and use the app for the great experience of mixtapes music.

LiveMixTapes Mobile Android App

The LiveMixtapes is the best app for all the mixtapes lover. This app is readily available at the Google Play Store. The compatibility of this app is also good with all the Android devices. So, to use this app, just download it from the Play Store, and download it on the device.

For the extra benefits of the app, you will have to register yourself. Even without registration, you will be able to use the app and listen to songs. But, to make playlists, to comment, and more, the registration is a must.

LiveMixTapes App 2

Here, we will also mention every step and every feature of the app briefly.

After opening the app, first of all, you will see five options at the bottom of the display. The first option shows you the lists of the total mixtapes. These songs are those which are trending and famous currently. At the top, you should see the name of the app. Below it, there are four tabs of All, This Week, Today, and Unreleased.

LiveMixTapes App 1

In which, As the name suggests, All tab shows you all the songs that the app has. The next tab shows you the songs which are trending in the current week. Likewise, the third tab also does the same, but it shows day wise. And, the next one will show you the unreleased songs

Now, the second option is of News Feed. By using which, you can listen to your favorite mixtapes from the other site also. The third option, which is looking like the symbol of the app, plays a role of the player.

LiveMixTapes App 3

No matter where you choose the song to listen, the third option will play it for you. To download the track, just tap on the green button which is at the right side of the display.

Next, there is the fourth option of Search, which looks like magnifying glass. By using this option, you can search all of your favorite mixtapes. Also of that, you can also search the song by searching out the artists of the song. For that, just tap on the second search, and type whatever you want to find.

LiveMixTapes App 4

The search option also shows the Top 10 Artists who are on trending currently. It also shows you, Top 25 Songs which are famous recently. For that, you just have to use two tabs, Top Artists, and Top Tracks.

The last option is of user management. From which, you can find all of your favorite tracks through Playlists, Downloads, and Favorites.

LiveMixTapes App 5

To share the track, tap on the top right corner after selecting the track. Then, you will get the list of the options to share the track. Using this app, you can find the music of Future, Lil Wayne, Kevin Gates, Lil Boosie, Young Thug, and more.

So, enjoy the mixtapes using the LiveMixTapes app.

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