PlayStation is one of the best home video game consoles for many peoples around the World. Sony Interactive Entertainment develops it. PlayStation 4 or PS4 is also one of the all-time great game consoles.

It is basically a successor to the PlayStation 3. Meanwhile, some of PS4 users are complaining that PS4 gets stuck in Safe Mode. What should be the fix to get it back in the normal mode? So, to solve this major issue, here we are discussing How to Fix PS4 Stuck In Safe Mode.

How to Fix PS4 Stuck In Safe Mode?

Before discussing anything, here is what you need to know about PS4 Safe Mode. So, to know it, let us go through it.

How to Fix PS4 Stuck In Safe Mode

PS4 Safe Mode

Sometimes, the PS4 would not start in the normal mode due to some corrupted data. Even after trying so much, the PS4 would not normally start like it used to start before that. So, to start it with some basic functions, you should have to go with the safe mode.

It is especially associated with the PS4 to solve such issues integrated with the firmware. Safe mode will lead the PS4 to work with its basic functions. Whenever you boot into the PS4 safe mode, it comes with 7 options.

  1. Restart the PS4
  2. Change Resolution
  3. Update System Software
  4. Restore Default Settings
  5. Rebuild Database
  6. Initialize PS4
  7. Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software)

Each option will have its specific job to do. But booting the PS4 into safe mode is not always as good as every time. As some of the above-mentioned options also cause some data loss, it is not always safe. So, whenever you attempt to save mode, do not forget about the backup in an external source.

You can also use an online storage and USB storage device as well. To boot it into the safe mode, make sure to have a strong recommendation of a well-knowledged Sony member.

So, after having proper info about PS4 Safe Mode, let us jump to how to boot into the Safe Mode.

How to Boot into the Safe Mode?

Safe mode booting process is as easy as you are using the game console. To get to know about it, look at the below steps.

  • First of all, press and hold the Power button for 7 seconds to turn it offRelease it when you hear a beep sound for the second time.
  • Wait till all the lights shut off. It will take around 30 seconds.
  • Now, again press and hold the Power button to turn it on. Here, by applying the same logic, release the button after hearing the beep sound for twice.
  • Connect the Wireless Controller and, then, from the remote, press the PS button.
  • As soon as you press the button, you will have 7 options on the screen.

Now, to understand the function of each option, here is what you need to know.


How to Fix PS4 Stuck In Safe Mode?

To get PS4 back into normal mode, those 7 options will help us. So, here we are mentioning the functions of each of them.

Restart the PS4

As the name suggests, this option restarts your device. It also lets you exit the safe mode. It will make no change in the system and helps to start the system normally.

Change Resolution

This option will let the system start with the 480p resolution after every restarting process. It means you can have minimum display resolution after restarting the device.

Later you can change it to the maximum that your screen can show you. To make these system changes, the steps below will help you.

  • Go to the Settings >> Sound and Screen >> Video Output Settings >> Resolution.
  • Here, it shows you all the available options for the possible screen resolution.
  • You can have options of Automatic, 480p, 720p, and 1080p. Choose the maximum one for your device.

In this way, you can set the screen resolution.

Update System Software

For the system update purpose, this option will help you. It lets you update the system software using Download, USB storage, and Disc. Generally, you can also update the system software by connecting the PS4 directly to the internet. But, sometimes, you won’t be able to do so due to poor connectivity. At that time, this option will be proven as a handy weapon.

Or you can also download the available update directly from the System Software webpage of the PS4. Besides these, to update the system, you can also use USB storage and Disc. But, make sure that the USB Storage or Disc must be having the available update for PS4 system software.

Restore Default Settings

What should be the function of this option? Yes, exactly, it does the same job as per the title. By using this option, you can take all the default settings back. It will remove all the customized settings that you have made.

You will lose no data that has been saved on the hard disk. You lose only the settings you have made on the system. In short, if you want access to the default settings, use this option.

Rebuild Database

The Rebuild Database option is one of the best troubleshooters to solve a variety of issues. This variety of issues includes the below-listed issues.

  • If a PS4 system has corrupt data that does not allow you access, then this option will help you.
  • When the system software update is running, you may face the difficulty that the system does not run well. Or you may notice the system has stopped working. This option can also solve this issue.
  • If you feel that the system menu and games freeze many times, then this option will be there.
  • Some of the users have also complained that after restarting the system, it shows Hard Disk Drive is Corrupt. At that time, you can fix it by using this option.

This process of Rebuilding the Database will never delete any of your data except corrupt data. So, just apply the process without being worried about losing the data. This process may take a long time, depending upon the corrupted data saved in the system.

But, when you even go for the next and last two options, you will have to stay quite safe. As the last two options will delete all your data from the system, you will have to ensure backup. So, we recommend you make sure to back up all your data before you move on two the options.

Initialize PS4

This option removes all data, but the word all does not contain the system firmware. As you perform this step, it will remove all the data and more. It will take you to the original state of the system. To save your installed game and game data, do not forget to take a backup of it on any storage device.

After performing the process, you must sign in by adding your ID and password to continue to use. To have access to the games, there is an option of a Library. You can also download new games from that option. In addition to that, you can also restore all your backed-up games data and games.

Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software)

This last option also performs the same thing as the above option. But, it also deletes the System Firmware. So, before applying it, you need to do what you have done in the previous step. Well, we are talking about backing up the data and games.

Visit the PS4 Safe Mode Manual Web page to download the reinstallation version.

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