If you have a Sony Play Station 4 gaming console, and your gaming console stops charging more, and you are not able to charge your PS4 Console with the charger. Then this guide is for you. Here, you’ll find the step-by-step guide to fix the PS4 Controller, which you can follow to fix the non-charging issue of your PS4 Controller.

As you know Sony’s Play Station 4 gaming console is the most advanced and most popular gaming console by Sony. Most Sony Play Station 4 users have reported that they are facing a charging problem with their PS4 controller, which means they are not able to charge their PS4 Controller.

So, if you are one of those who are facing the “charging issue” on their PS4 Controller, then you are at the right place. Here, below we have mentioned a few simple tricks and tips that you can follow to fix the charging issue on your PS4 Controller.

Below, we have mentioned a few things you can try to fix the “Not charging” issue. If the below-mentioned things do not work on your Play Station Gaming Console and your PS4 Gaming Console or controller is still under warranty, then you can go to the service center or store where you have purchased it. And you can ask for the replacement of your faulty controller.

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[Solved] PS4 Controller Not Charging

Here are a few simple things that you can follow to fix this “Not Charging” issue on your PS4 Controller:

Use the different USB Cable

If you have been using the same USB cable to charge both PS4 Controllers for a long period, then you need to consider replacing the old USB cable with a new one. You can also borrow the USB cable from your friend who has the same PS4 Gaming console and then check whether the USB cable is working or not.

If another USB cable works properly with your PS4 Controller, you need to buy a new cable for your controller. If it is not working on your PS4 Controller, you can follow the fix below.

Let PS4 Controller Cool Down

If you are a hardcore gaming Sony Play Station device and you love to play the game for a long time, your device is not programmed to function for a long time. Not only your Gaming console but all electronic items will not be able to function for a long time due to their limitation and heating.

As you know, most electronic devices cannot work over a set temperature level, which does not allow them to work more over a set temperature level. That’s the reason that most electronic devices stop working over a set temperature level.

If your PS4 controller is warmer than usual due to overtemperature, let your PS4 Controller cool down. And give 15-20 minutes to begin a cooldown. After 20 minutes of rest, you have to check whether your Controller is charging or not. If no luck, then follow “Fix No.3” to fix the non-charging issue.

Try to reset the PS4 Controller.

If the above-mentioned fix does not work on your computer, then you can also try resetting the PS4 Controller to fix this issue. To reset the PS4 Controller, you need to press the reset button on your PS4 Controller, which you can find on the back right side of your controller and next to the right screw. To reset the PS4 Controller, take a Pin, toothpick, or anything, and then press the reset button for a few seconds.

After you reset the PS4 Controller using any of the tools, try to connect the charger cable to your controller and check whether the controller is charging. If this works on your controller, comment below, and if it does not work on your device, follow the Fix No.4 fix in this guide to fix this issue.

Check for Faulty batteries on the Controller.

If you have been using the controller for a long time, you should check whether the battery on this controller is faulty. Sometimes the faulty batteries of any device can be the big reason to create such issues.

So make sure you have inserted a new and healthy battery in your PS4 Controller. (If you replace the faulty battery of the PS4 Controller with a new one, it doesn’t affect the warranty). So if you find that this issue is from the faulty battery, then feel free to replace the battery of your PS4 Controller.

Check for a faulty Charging Port on the Controller.

Sometimes the charging port of any device is faulty because of the constant plugging of the charger in and out. So, this can be a reason that you are facing the charging issue because of the faulty charging port of your Controller.

If you are using the USB port of your Gaming console to charge the Controller, then you need to try to charge your PS4 Controller with a new cable or a new Play Station device. And then check whether the controller is charging or not.

If your device is still not charging, you should visit the nearest store or service center of Sony PS devices and ask to fix this issue.

You can ask for a replacement if your device is still under warranty. If your device is not under warranty, then you can still ask for a repair of the faulty part of your controller, and they will charge a little bit to repair it.

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