Live photos are great. However, this feature is limited to only a few smartphone brands and models. Well, this doesn’t mean that you have to miss it. Here is a quick guide explaining everything about Android motion photos.

In today’s new generation era, live photos are more in trend. Everyone wants live photos feature in their android phones but not all android users can enjoy this feature in their phones. Well, you can always enhance the photography of your smartphone camera through settings. The basic concept of live images is to take still pictures and quick videos simultaneously which enhance the beauty and quality of your photos.

There are many different ways to achieve this functionality in your Android device. In some Android devices like Apple’s iPhone, HTC, etc. this feature is built by default.
What happens to the others with a smartphone not support the live photos Android feature by default?

There are a couple of great camera apps you can have on your phone for better photography. However, here are the best three apps popular for Live photos.

3 Best Apps With Live Photos Android Functionality

Samsung Motion Photos ( For newer Galaxy phones)

Samsung Motion Photos

If you bought a newer Galaxy device running Android Nougat, like Galaxy S8 or Note 8, then you can easily enjoy this feature. Samsung stock camera app has a shooting mode which is practically very similar to Apple’s live photo mode. To try this feature, open your camera, and then tap the gear icon in the top right corner. From there, scroll down and enable the ‘Motion Photo’ mode.

So from now onwards, whenever you take a picture, your phone will automatically capture a video of a few seconds and save it into the picture file. Also, to view this picture, open your default gallery app, and open the photo you have taken, you will see an orange play button in the top right corner. Tap this button, and your photo will come to life.

Motion Stills (any phone)

Google Motion Stills- Live Photos Android

The next and excellent option is Google’s own motion stills app. This app does not create a still photo and video, but this app has a lot of the same features similar to Apple’s live photos feature. By using this app, you can create beautiful looping GIFs that are incredibly easy to share.

Also, you must try the fancy stabilization algorithm feature of this app.
The app is straightforward to use. Just open the app and tap the shutter button available at the bottom of the screen. This action can automatically capture a 3-second clip, so just hold it until the process is done.

When it is done, you can scroll down to see the creation. Tapping the image will give you controls so that you can use to tweak the GIF or use its looping transition. When you are done, or you are happy with your results, then press the forward arrow to share or save your creation as an MP4 or GIF.

Motion Stills
Motion Stills
Developer: Research at Google
Price: Free

Camera MX

This app is another live photos android option for all Android phones. This app is the perfect replica of Apple’s implementation of live photos. It’s impressive, so go ahead and install the app.

Once you have successfully installed the app, open the camera app, and tap the button with three circles in the top left corner. From there, select the ‘Live Shot‘ option and enable the feature. You can tap ‘try it‘ if you are excited to use this option or tap on unlock, then connect it with your Facebook or Google info to unlock this feature for free.

That’s all. Now onwards you can click any image in this shooting mode, and the app will take a few seconds of video attached to them. To check it out, click the photo and view the image in the MX built-in gallery. Live photos always look like still photos, but when you tap on the screen, the attached video will start playing. You can also share these images as still photos or animated GIFs.

Camera MX - Photo&Video Camera
Camera MX - Photo&Video Camera
Developer: MAGIX
Price: Free+


From the all above options which one do you prefer? Well, I would suggest you that Motion Stills app, that’s one of the best apps among all. I feel it’s a perfect substitute for live photos even if it doesn’t capture a still image too.

I hope you really enjoyed reading this article. For more updates, keep following TheAndroidPortal.

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