Passionate photographer? No camera gears? Upset? Well, you don’t need to. In this guide, we will show you the Android camera settings that will help you take pictures as well as your camera.

Amateur mobile photography has been widely spread over the last few years. Well, we have seen people who click no-lighted pictures on their expensive camera phones. Also, we have even seen people who take better resolution pictures on their low-end phone. Overall, the ultimate key to better phone photography is the settings.

Firstly, when you start the camera, the settings are basic and default. Following this particular best camera settings for the Android phone guide, you can change the flash settings, the HD Mode, capture settings, the timer, and the amount of the screen.

So, Have A Look Below To Know All The Android Phone Photography Tricks And Tips

Best Camera Settings For Android Phone

Amazing 8 Camera Settings For Android Phone To Shoot Better Pictures And Videos

The Camera Flash

The flashlight is the extra light the camera provides to click highlighted pictures. Previously, it was used for night photography, but nowadays, people use it to fill light over the object.

It further has four options

Option One: On

When you are clicking pictures of objects (not humans), and if there is low light, you should keep the flashlight on. It focuses on your object and gives it a glow.

The CameraFlash

Option Two: Off

When clicking pictures in good sunlight or other light, keep this feature off.

Option Three: Auto

This is used when you can’t decide what should be the best option. The phone decides whether your picture needs a flashlight.

Option Four: Fill Light

This is your torchlight. Use this when taking pictures of humans in the dark to avoid red eyes.

Fill Light

The Android Camera Capture Settings

This is the feature where the camera asks you how you want your picture to get clicked.

Normal:- This is how normally you click pictures, by clicking the red or black capture button.

Touch:- This is a feature wherein you just touch anywhere on the screen, and it captures.

Voice:- Most of the phones these days have this feature where you say “Cheese,” and it captures.

Timer Camera Settings For Android Phone

Most of the phones have a timer of 2s, 4s, 6s, 8s, and 10s. Use it according to your needs and purpose for better results.

Amount of Screen

This too depends on what type of photography you are doing. Here are a few photography modes you should know about.

Standard:- This is the default square screen. Use it when your object is large and has little or no background — for example, food photography, product photography, etc.

Rectangle:- Use this when your object is of a smaller size than the background — for example, nature photography, wildlife photography, etc.

Full Screen:- Use this when you have both object and background large. For example, tall buildings, waterfalls, etc.

Exposure Adjustment Settings

The main problem with pictures is the contrasting light. So, you need to make sure that shadows of extra light do not alter your picture quality.

Furthermore, exposure is the best way to solve this. Also, setting higher exposure will give a kick to your actual light and lessen the shadowy light. Furthermore, only adjusting the right exposure will do wonders for your photograph.

Exposure Adjustment Settings

ISO: The Sensitivity Adjustment

ISO means the sensitivity of the image sensor. Furthermore, less ISO means the lens is less sensitive to light and captures more exceptional grains of pictures.

Also, the Higher ISO means higher noise to the picture where the colors and the grains appear sharp and distinct. Moreover, Higher ISO also increases the brightness of the image.

The Sensitivity Adjustment

Shutter: The Action Photography Setup

This is the feature used for action photography. Consider putting some flour over your bread and clicking a picture with an auto shutter. It’s going to be messy; the flour particles will all get mixed up. Whereas when you increase the shutter to somewhat 6s, the flour particles look distinct and we can differentiate them from each other. This is what the shutter is used for.

Focus: The Ultimate Phone Photography Feature

Always hate it when you are clicking a picture on the road, and there are tonnes of people who come in between. Don’t worry, the problem is solved.

This is one of the most amazing features of phone photography. It just lets you focus on the actual image and blurs the background. The exposure of the photograph is the object itself.

The Ultimate Phone Photography Feature


These are some of the best Camera Settings For Android to click beautiful pictures on your phone. Along with these, don’t forget to clean your lens, keep your phone stable, and check your resolution. So, that’s all for now, and do follow TheAndroidPortal for more such posts, tips, and tricks related to Android.

Happy photographing!

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