Do you know how to hide apps on Samsung Galaxy S10? If not, don’t worry; The Android Portal is here to help you. Today in this post, we will discuss some tips and tricks to hide apps on Samsung Galaxy S10.

Who doesn’t know about the Samsung Galaxy S10? The Samsung Galaxy S10 gained much popularity because of its powerful hardware and reasonable price. It is the most awaited smartphone that launched between the two other devices, S10E and S10+.

Furthermore, This smartphone also comes with a 6.1-inch QHD+ resolution display, and no different model can beat its powerful processor. Thanks to its ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner, it’s super quick to unlock the phone. Its hole punch design at the front enhances its looks.

Hide Apps On Samsung Galaxy S10

Gamers love the model because of its powerful SoC. The phone’s main attraction is its camera that offers superb quality photos and videos all the time. The performance of the low-light camera is very impressive for the users. Samsung provides a couple of pre-installed apps, including shopping apps, messaging apps, and others that are really useful for you. It also has a hiding apps feature which is a trend from the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Some people think that hiding apps are a challenging task, but in our opinion, it is as simple as sitting and popping bubbles. Samsung offers a few quick settings to hide your private apps so that they don’t appear on the homescreen or the apps drawer.

Most importantly, only you will know where the hidden apps are. No one can see the icon or anything else of the hidden app. This is a very convenient setting offered by Samsung for those who want to hide their things in a good manner. Without further ado, let’s take a quick look at the steps below.

Guide To Hide Apps On Samsung Galaxy S10

Hiding apps on Samsung Galaxy S10 is a convenient way. You just need to play with few settings, and you are done. Let’s have a look.

1) Hide Apps On Samsung Galaxy S10 Via Home Screen Settings

Step 1: The first and foremost step is to open the “App Drawer” in your Samsung Galaxy S10.

Step 2: From the Finder, click on “Three Dot Icons”, which is at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3: From the list, tap on “Home Screen Settings” and scroll down until the end.

Step 4: At the end of the list, you will see the “Hide Apps” option. Tap on it

Step 5: Here, you will see the list of all the installed apps on your phone. Select the apps that you want to hide.

Step 6: Once completed, click on “Apply”, and you are done.

Now you will notice that no hidden apps will appear on the homescreen apps or app drawer. To undo this setting, follow the same procedure and remove the apps from the list.

2) Hide Apps On Samsung Galaxy S10 Via Settings

Step 1: Go to the apps drawer and open “Settings Menu.”

Step 2: From the menu list, search for the “Display” option and tap on it.

Step 3: Scroll down the list until you reach the “Home Screen” option.

Step 4: Scroll down the home screen menu and search for the “Hide Apps” option.

Step 5: Once done, tap on it.

Step 6: Now select the apps that you want to hide.

Step 7: Once completed, click on “Done.”

Now check if there are any hidden apps visible in the apps drawer or home screen apps. If not, it means your apps are hidden. It is an easy way to hide the app from the list.

Wrap Up

So those are the tips and tricks to hide apps on Samsung Galaxy S10. We hope that by using these tips and tricks, you can easily hide apps on Samsung Galaxy S10 from every third eye.

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