Is your Nintendo Switch not connecting to Wi-Fi? If yes, then don’t worry, be with us till the end of this post and explore some best fixes for the Nintendo Switch not connecting to Wi-Fi issues.

The Nintendo Switch is the best technology that offers a great experience of dual worlds. With the Nintendo Switch, you can enjoy a fast HD gaming experience on a large TV screen.

Nintendo Switch is specially designed to make your life more enjoyable and comfortable. It is highly portable, which means you can enjoy the gaming experience on the move. The product is excellent and high in demand. Still, sometimes it creates unexpected issues like Wi-Fi not connecting and others.

These Nintendo Switch not connecting to Wi-Fi issues are frustrating, especially when you are in the last stage of your game. But the question is what the causes of this problem are?

There are a lot of reasons behind these issues like fluctuation in the networks, router issues, weak signals, or maybe some software issues. Whatever the reason causes this issue, the fixes are always there.

So, today we are going to walk through some best solutions and fixes for the Nintendo Switch not connecting to the Wi-Fi issue. If you are facing the same problems, then don’t worry, just read our article in the sections below and try all the solutions to fix this issue.

8 Best Solutions To Fix Nintendo Switch Not Connecting To Wi-Fi Issue

Restart The Nintendo Switch

As you know, restart is the mother’s solution to clear all the bugs and issues from the device. It is the first and the most vital step to solve the issue in every device. To restart your Nintendo Switch, first press and hold the Power Button for about 3 seconds. Then from the loaded screen, tap on power options and then tap on Restart.

Power Cycle The Network

If the Nintendo Switch not connecting to the Wi-Fi issue is not solved after restarting your device, try to power cycle your modem and router. To do so, you just need to pull the modem and the router from the wall switch and plug it back in again after 30 seconds. After restarting both, the devices noticed that the lights on the modem were stable.

Check If Your Device Is Not In Airplane Mode

If you put your device in aeroplane mode, it loses all the wireless connectivity. It saves the battery of your device but, at the same time, disconnects you from the Wi-Fi network. So, make sure that your device is not in aeroplane mode. To do so: Go ahead towards the Settings Menu, and search for Airplane Mode. Toggle the aeroplane mode button from blue to grey if it’s enabled.

Try To Change the Router Channel

If you are still facing the Wi-Fi issue and the above solution does not work for you, then try to change the router channel. Use other channels like 1, 6, 11, 13, etc., and check which channel supports the best Wi-Fi router networks. Compare each channel and notice its speed.

Re-Enter Wi-Fi Password

Re-entering Wi-Fi passwords is another great solution to this Nintendo Switch not connecting to Wi-Fi problems. The Nintendo Switch supports different security protocols like WEP, WPA, PSK(AES), and WPA2-PSK(AES). Check whether your networks are connected with the above security protocols. If not, then change it and check whether this solution works or not.

Update The SSID Settings

The first time you start creating an internet connection in your console, you need to update only SSID settings. The other parameters are the same as their default settings. To update SSID settings follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: Open the “Settings Menu” and then tap on “System settings.”

Step 2: From the list, tap on the “Internet” and then click on “Internet Settings.”

Step 3: Finally, click on “Networks” find the option and wait until it refreshes.

Step 4: Restart the device and check whether the issue is solved.

Change DNS Server

Sometimes, your DNS server automatically switches to Auto rather than manual. So, try to use a different DNS server or switch to the default DNS server, i.e., Manual. After that, try to connect your Nintendo Switch and check whether the problem is solved.

Factory Reset

If all the above solutions cannot fix the Nintendo switch not connecting to the Wi-Fi issue, then a factory reset is the only option to fix this issue. Here are the steps to factory reset your console

Step 1: Go ahead and open “System Settings.”

Step 2: From the “Menu,” click on the “System,” which is at the bottom left of the screen.

Step 3: In the list, navigate to the “Formatting” option and select it.

Step 4: After that, move ahead towards the “Initialize Console” option and tap it.

Step 5: Finally, click on the “Next” option to confirm the action.

It will take a few minutes to wipe all the data and back your device to its standard settings.

Wrap Up

So, those are the solutions to fix the Nintendo Switch not connecting to Wi-Fi. We hope all the above solution works well and fix this issue.

Thanks for spending your time and reading this post. We hope this article clears your vision. Please keep supporting us and stay tuned with us on The Android Portal.

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