Dealing with updates has never been easy for some Android users, and that brings a lot of trouble while performing it. If you are one of those users receiving a dreaded update error on your Android device screen, chances are you will start worrying about the things related to your smartphone.

However, you can get rid of this error quickly. However, most people are not aware of this error and get stuck when dealing with the Android update. So, in this article, we will help you in fixing the dreaded update error on any Android device.

how to Dreaded Update erroe

So, stay tuned with us and read this post for the best solution. Let’s get started.

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What Is Dreaded Update Error On Android Devices?

A dreaded update error on Android is a common error that usually stops the Android update process. Furthermore, this kind of error usually occurs during the Android update on Ice-cream Sandwich or later versions.

However, the dreaded error does not influence Android devices with disastrous results. However, it requires some steps to be considered to fix the dreaded update error on the target Android device.

How To Fix Dreaded Update Error On Any Android Device?

Remove And Re-insert The SIM Card


You can fix this update issue on your Android device by simply removing and inserting the SIM again as it works most of the time. So, follow the given steps carefully.

STEP 1: Remove the back cover or back case from your Android device.

STEP 2: Remove the battery from your device.

STEP 3: Go over the SIM card slot and pull your SIM card in the outside direction.

STEP 4: Now put the SIM card back into the SIM card slot properly.

STEP 5: Place the battery and switch on your Android device. So, from here, you have to fix the dreaded update error on your Android device.

Try Restarting Your Phone

Restart your phone

If the error is continuous, apply this one. Restarting Android devices fixes the minor glitches and issues after restart. So, without going deeper into the troubleshooting, try restarting your phone first.

STEP 1: Press and hold the power key button of your Android device until your device gets power options.

STEP 2: Now go for the restart option from the menu bar that appears on the screen of your Android device and tap on it.

STEP 3: Wait until your Android device restarts successfully.

STEP 4: Once you have an active display on your Android device, enter the PIN/Password/Pattern and unlock it.

STEP 5: Now go over the settings option from the home screen and open it.

STEP 6: Go over the update section and proceed towards the further process, and you have successfully fixed the dreaded update error on any update error.

Try Switching In Safe Mode

Switch to safe mood

Safe mode is an ultimate tool for Android users that helps them troubleshoot minor to major issues and errors on their devices. So, if the error still popping up on your screen, try updating your Android by switching to safe mode. So, repeat the steps as instructed and given down below.

STEP 1: Press and hold the power button key for a bit, and wait for a few seconds, then a pop-up window will appear and provide you with different options.

STEP 2: Select the Restart in Safe mode option from the menu bar and proceed with it.

STEP 3: Wait until your Android device gets restarted.

STEP 4: Now you have to fix the dreaded update error on any Android device, and continue the updating process.


  • Make sure that you are updating your Android with a high-speed internet connection. Otherwise, it would take a longer time to process.
  • Also, remove the SIM card and place it back with caution, otherwise, it will not help you to fix the dreaded update error on any Android update.
  • Furthermore, close all the background applications to get minimum restrictions.


So, which of the methods has helped you please let us know in the comment section. Also, we hope you have found this post helpful. Furthermore, if you want to get more solutions on Android functioning, then make sure to follow us. So, that is all for now, and thanks for reading this post here at TheAndroidPortal.

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