Are you looking for ways to fix contacts not showing in WhatsApp issues? Well, you’re not alone who is facing this issue, and it’s considered one of the common problems among WhatsApp users. So, here is the complete solution with all the possible steps to fix contacts not showing in the WhatsApp issue.

Whatsapp is one of the most famous and most prominent platforms for chatting and making voice and video calls. The app also offers some impressive features to its users. It allows them to share documents, files, photos, and videos with their contacts. But sometimes we encounter that the contact of the person with whom we want to share media, text, or document is not in the contact list.

What happens next? We know that almost every WhatsApp user faces this problem. So, today in our article, we are here to fix contacts not showing in Whatsapp issues.

Well, there are many reasons for this issue like maybe you did not save the contact, or maybe your Whatsapp needs an update or fresh installation, etc. So, if you are the one who is facing the same contacts not showing in WhatsApp issues and needs some simple solution, then you are on the right page. Let’s put the ball in your box and start with some simple fixes.

An Ultimate Guide To Fix Contacts Not Showing In WhatsApp Issue

Check If You Save Your Friend’s Phone Number

The first and foremost reason leading to contacts not showing in Whatsapp issues is that we forget to save the contact.

Sometimes, we dial the number and forget to save the contact in the contact list. Well, this happens to almost every person because we are so busy with our schedules that we forget some things in our day-to-day lives. So, quickly check whether you save your friend’s contact number or not. If not, then first save it and then recheck the Whatsapp contact list.

Refresh Whatsapp Contacts

Refresh Whatsapp Contacts

Have you ever noticed that you just save the contact, and it does not suddenly display in your Whatsapp contact lists? This might be the biggest reason for WhatsApp not showing contacts.

Well, of course, because Whatsapp needs a refresh after saving any contact in your phone’s textbook. Not in every phone, as in some high-end handsets WhatsApp contacts keep syncing in real-time.

However, it’s a good step to check and ensure. So, to refresh your Whatsapp contacts, just follow the quick steps below.

  • Open your “Whatsapp Account” and click on “New Chat Icon,” which is at the bottom of the screen.
  • Then click on “Three Dots Icon” which is at the top right corner of the screen.
  • From the list, click on the “Refresh” option.

After refreshing your Whatsapp contact list, check whether your friend’s contact appears on the list or not. Well, this is an excellent method that surely works and fixes the Whatsapp not showing contact issues. If you are still not able to see the contact there in the app, then it’s time to check out the syncing.

Reset Whatsapp Sync

Reset Whatsapp Sync

Sometimes, it may also be possible that you forget to sync your Whatsapp contacts. Syncing contacts is a good idea to fix contacts not showing in WhatsApp issues. To sync your Whatsapp account follow the steps below

  • Open the “Settings Menu” and navigate to the “Accounts” option.
  • Tap on it and from the list tap on “Whatsapp.”
  • Then tap on “Sync Account.”
  • After that, tap on the “Three Dots Icon” and click on “Sync Now.”
  • Please wait for a few seconds until it’s completed.
  • After that, go to your Whatsapp account and check whether the contacts are displayed or not.

Allow WhatsApp to Access Phone Address Book

Allow Whatsapp To Access Phone Address Book

Sometimes while resetting or installing WhatsApp freshly from the Google Play Store, we deny some permissions. Permissions like “permission to read phone’s contact” are vital to allow. You must enable WhatsApp to have all the necessary access by granting permission to ensure the smooth performance of the app. So, check whether you allowed the app to have permission to access the phone’s address book or not. To do so, let’s follow the quick steps

  • Open the “Settings Menu” and tap on “Applications.”
  • From the list navigate to “WhatsApp” and tap on it
  • Then tap on “Permissions” and check whether all the permissions have been enabled or not.

Update Whatsapp Messenger

Update Whatsapp Messenger

If you are using an old version of Whatsapp, then there is a chance that your Whatsapp account may face some glitches, and that’s why the issue of contacts not showing in Whatsapp takes place.

Whatsapp developers keep working on these glitches and release a stable update almost every month to get rid of these newly detected bugs and glitches. So, to resolve the issue, update your Whatsapp account to the latest version. To do so:

  • Open the Google Play Store and tap on ”Menu Icon.”
  • From the list, tap on “My Apps and Games.”
  • Then click on “Whatsapp Messenger” and tap on “Update.”

Wrap Up

So, here the guide ends for how to fix Contacts not showing in WhatsApp. All the ways are genuine and will surely work with your device.

Thanks for spending your time and reading this post. We hope now you can solve the issue in just a few taps. For the latest updates, do follow us and stay tuned with us on your favourite website, The Android Portal.

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