If you have rooted your smartphone device, you might have seen that it would check system updates manually and show system notifications on the notification bar about an upgrade.

This notification specifically appears if you have downgraded Android Firmware to a lower version. It will stick to the navigation bar and will annoy you.  Here we have a little tip to help you disable Android Update Notification.

How to Disable Android Update Notification

How to disable the System Update notification

When you see the Android Update Notification Bar, choose to Install Later option and select any random time from there. Now next step is to download Root Explorer from the Google Play store. For this, we would recommend you to use any File Manager. It will allow you to browse the system and root folders.

Now open that File Manager and go to /system/app folder location. Here you will find the SDM.apk app file. All you have to do is long press on that file and rename it to SDM.apk.bak

This will temporarily configure software update notification settings and stop those annoying system notifications until you decide whether you want to take the update.

Steps to Disable Android OS Update Notification

Now, if you have installed too many apps on your smartphone or tablet, whenever any app update is available, it will notify you to update an Android app. You can configure your Android Stop Update Notification from the Google Play Store.

You will see the update apps option on your Google Play Store account while installing an app. If you have already installed an app on your device and it is asking you to update, you can follow the steps for Android Stop Update Notification.

Go to the Play Store app from the App drawer on your device. Go to the My App or My Downloads option and press the options button. You would see the update over WiFi or not update like the option.

If you want to update apps via WiFi, you can select the WiFi option, or if you want to disable the Android App Update notification completely, go for another option.

See also: how to stop apps from updating.

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