Do you know about the very famous Pokemon Go game? If yes, then you should be considered an active smartphone user. Well, recently, Pokemon Go has been one of the games which are trending. Both Android and iOS users can play this game. We hope you also have played Pokemon Go. But have you ever focused on how much data Pokemon use?

Hopefully, no. As a smart user, you must know that. If you do not know about it, then do not worry. Here, we will discuss the same thing that we asked you.

Pokemon Go is a very famous game all over the World. But, only some of the users have drawn their minds toward that. Well, this game uses much of the data as well as battery power.

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To get to know more about it, let’s have a look at the discussion.

How much Data does Pokemon Go Use?

In the discussion, we will focus on two things: Does Pokemon use data or battery?

  • How much Mobile Data is used by “Pokemon Go”?
  • How much Battery is used by “Pokemon Go”?

The data used by Pokemon Go exactly depends on the time you are spending playing it. Actually, the count of consuming battery and data is very simple and straight.

If you are playing for a long time, it will consume more battery and mobile data and vice versa. But what about the exact amount? To get to know about it, this discussion will help you.

How much Data does Pokemon Go Use

How much Mobile Data is used by “Pokemon Go”?

According to some data taken from the internet, they said that Pokemon Go uses 10-20 MB of data. This 10 MB of data is used to play it for around 54 minutes. The Pokemon Go consumes 10 MB of data while you are playing it on 4G LTE connectivity. This data number may vary with the device you are using.

Also of that, according to the type of user playing the game, this amount may also vary. If you are using a different network on your device, at that time also, the data may vary. So you can reduce Pokemon go data usage by consuming your mobile data plan.

So, it is advantageous to use the Wi-Fi network to play, if you are having lack data. The Wi-Fi network also provides you with high-speed internet to help you play the game.

In the end, we recommend you play the Pokemon Go game using the Wi-Fi Network. For that, you can also use the Wi-Fi that is provided by your City.

How much Battery is used by “Pokemon Go”?

After knowing the mobile data usage of Pokemon Go, what is the most asked question? Yes, it is about battery usage by the game. Often, most users ask How much Battery power is used by “Pokemon Go”?

To answer this question again depends on how much time you are playing it. If we take an example of 54 minutes of game playing, then it will juice up to 20 percent of the battery. If you are playing with the full charging, then you can play for up to 4.5 hours.

But, again, it may vary according to the device and user who plays the game. 

We hope that you will understand these stats about Pokemon Go. If it helps, then also share it with other players of Pokemon Go to save their device’s life.

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