Good news for Pokemon Go lovers. Now you don”t need to listen to Pokemon Go music theme in your ears while hunting for Pokemon around. Niantic Labs have just updated Pokemon Go app for both Android as well as iOS. Users have reported that they can listen to external music or podcast while playing Pokemon go. It does not pause currently playing audio when you start hunting Pokemon. This update will allow users to listen to their favourite music while playing Pokemon.

Pokemon GO now lets Android users play music while huntingThis is something that iOS users have already waiting for. Previously when you start Pokemon Go app, it was pausing currently playing audio when it starts up. So Users were forced to listen to game’s looping music on their phones. According to SlashGear, the problem was not actually by Niantic, but it was a bug in Unity 3G game engine.Unity appeared to fix a few week back, but for Pokemon Go players, this update has fixed this bug.

When you play Pokemon Go, you will be able to listen to your favourite podcast; it will lower the volume down to a certain degree. Some users or Reddit has also reported that they can increase up phone’s volume. When you close Pokemon Go, the volume decreasing effect will be undone, and loud audio will boom in your ear. Maybe this issue will soon be fixed by Niantic Labs.

Officially Pokemon Go Update will bring following changes.

  • Reduced load time on starting
  • Connectivity issue fixed for Pokemon Go Plus accessory
  • Integrated iOS wheelchair support with Apple watch