Fingbox Review

If you are looking for the best Network Security system and troubleshooting tools for your home internet system then, this product may be the best option to buy. The “Fingbox,” it’s the simple device to secure and troubleshoot your home network. It is a simple and easy-to-use device that you can use with your router at your home to secure your home internet connection. The Fingbox allows you to troubleshoot your home internet network remotely. If you are running a small business or home office, then you can also use this Fingbox to secure and monitor your network.

Fingbox Review

On the market, there are so many routers available with these kinds of security features. But if you are one of them who are looking for such security tool for their home or office internet connection then the Fingbox is the best product and available at very cheap pricing. You can buy this Fingbox from Amazon and from the official website of Fingbox too.

For your information, The Fingbox is only the network security product that you can use with your existing router to monitor and secure your internet connection. But it’s also not a firewall that can secure your network itself. In simple word, you can also describe it as an internet connection managing device that you can use to manage your internet connection. And it also shows how many devices are connected to your network. With the Fingbox, you get the full control over your internet connection and also allow you to manage all connected device.

Fingbox Review & UnboxingThe Fingbox is a very useful product for those, who want to get the complete control on the growing number of connected devices. It also comes with a proactive security monitoring features, which you can use to monitor your internet connection.

Fingbox Review

Check further details about Fingbox, how it looks like and how to setup Fingbox for security etc from below.

What does the Fingbox look like?

As we have mentioned above that the Fingbox is a simple and easy-to-use device that can be used to monitor and secure home and office internet connection. The Fingbox little bowl-shaped device which is fitted with a rubberized outer cover.

Fingbox Hands onThe Inner layer is in white, while the outer layer is in light blue. The device comes with a power adaptor (US, UK, EU, AU), power cable and one network cable that you can use to connect Fingbox and router. To indicate the status, the Fingbox comes with an emotive LED lights which reflects the status of key actions while securing your internet connection.

How many devices you can monitor with Fingbox:

With the Fingbox, you easily can monitor an unlimited number of devices on your network. But you can only use your Fingbox to your anyone internet connection. In other words, you can use your Fingbox to only one network at the same time.

How to control and manage the settings of Fingbox:

To control and manage the settings of Fingbox device, you need to download and install “Fing” App on your smartphone. Because, all the features and functionality of the Fingbox, can be managed through the Fing smartphone App that you can download on your smartphone for free of cost.

The Fing App is available for both Android and iOS. If you have Android device, then open the Google Play Store and install “Fing” on your smartphone. And the Apple user can install Fing from App Store.

Setup Fingbox

To set up your Fingbox at your home or office, you have to plug it into your router and to a power outlet. Now, wait few seconds to boot this Fingbox. After the Fingbox booted up, you can easily setup it via Fing smartphone app. Now, you have to open the Fing on your smartphone.Setup Fingbox

After your open the Fing app, you have to tap on the “Fingbox” tab, which you can find at the bottom right side of the smartphone. Then tap on the Plus (+) icon in the top right corner. After you press the Plus (+) icon, the app will start searching the Fingbox device and allows you to connect to your Fingbox device.

Once the Fing app has connected to the Fingbox device, the Fingbox will automatically start watching or monitoring your network. If a new device joins the network for the first time, the Fingbox alerts you, and the Fingbox sends such alerts to your email address and mobile notifications.

To view all recently connected devices, you have to open the Fing app on your smartphone, and then tap on Fingbox tab. Here, you can view all connected devices and recently connected device along with three buttons:

  • Assign to User
  • Block Device
  • and OK.

If you want to add this device and want to assign then tap on “Assign To User” button and then you can easily assign device. If you don’t know the device which is connected to your network, then you can easily block it. You can also press the OK button to allow the device to access your internet.

Check out video guide on how to setup and Fingbox with your Android device from the video in Hindi below.

Managing devices using Fingbox

If you want to manage the all the devices that connected to your internet, then you can easily manage all the connected devices via Fing Mobile App. To manage all connected device, you have to tap on the Fingbox tab, which you can find on the bottom right side of the smartphone. From the listing of all devices, you can easily manage all connected device. From here, you can also assign the device to a user, block the device or OK the device to access the internet.

Assigning the device to a user is quite simple and easy. Here, only you have to give a name of the device and assign the device to a category. If you want to assign the device to a user, then tap on ASSIGN TO USER button. After that, you have to type a name in the first field, and then you have to assign the device to a category. Here, you have four categories to choose from such as Family, Friend, Help, and Others. Once you are done, you can tap on “Save” button on the top right side of the screen.

Unblocking the device

If you block any device via Fing App and now want to unblock then you can easily unblock any device by following the below steps:

  • Open the Fing App on your smartphone
  • Tap on the Recent Events button, which you can find in the Fingbox tab
  • Now, tap on the block device from the mentioned list
  • Tap on the blocked device from device history
  • Now, tap the unblock device button

Cost and Availability

The Fingbox is available now on Amazon and for only the US $129, including a lifetime subscription to the cloud service and unlimited device tracking. The Cloud service offers the device identification database and also stores the network scan information and which is the part of the Fing app.


Regarding the features and ability, the Fingbox is the best product that you can use to control, monitor and secure your home and office internet connection. As we have mentioned above, there are plenty of routers available on the market that come with such features like Fingbox. But some of the routers are very expensive to buy.

This is the best device for, who don’t want to spend much money to buy expensive up-market routers. To keeping track your device, usage, and other security considerations, the Fingbox is the best product in the market.

On the online stores, you will also find some other cheap routers which come with such features as Fingbox. If you don’t want to pay $129 to buy Fingbox, then you have another option like “Xiaomi MI Router 3C“, which is a single band router and comes equipped with such all features like Fingbox.

Features of Fingbox:

  • You can monitor surrounding devices
  • Allows for discovering bandwidth-hogging devices
  • You can view device activity and history
  • It can detect Wi-Fi attacks and block intruders
  • Supports remote monitoring
  • Block devices and pause user’s internet access

If you have any questions about Fingbox, feel free to share your comments below. We will help you with all your questions.

Last Updated On: January 12, 2018

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