Do you love browsing on your android device? There are hundreds of web browser for android available to download from Google play store.We have recently discussed Google Chrome for android, but which is your favorite browser do you use regularly? Dolphin Browser for Android is one of the fastest browsers for Android devices and works smoothly on any android device.Here in this post, we would discuss Dolphin Browser Review.

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It suggests you related keywords for your query while you type anything on URL bar similar to Chrome browser.You can enable/disable search suggestion from the setting option >Search Engine > Enable search suggestion option.The standalone feature of Dolphin browser is it supports gesture. You can assign or modify any symbolic gesture to any of your favorite bookmarks. Later on, whenever you want to use that gesture on your device, just click on the dolphin transparent icon at the lower right corner of your browser.

On setting page, You can manage user agent for your browser.You can set user agents as android set by default, iPhone, Desktop,iPad & custom. You can manually set the user agent on your Dolphin browser to get different user experience on your android device.

Dolphine Browser Android Device

Like other mobile browsers, you can also synchronize your browser’s data with Dolphin on Android. You can either login with your Facebook or Google account or create Dolphin account to set up synchronization for your browser.Once synced you can easily migrate your bookmarks and all other synced data with another android device by logging into respective account easily.

Like UC browser for android, There is file manager as well as Downloads option. Current running downloads will show up in downloads tab while you can manage your downloaded files from file manager option there.

It supports Gesture as well as sonar. Dolphin Sonar is also a standalone feature that allows you to open new tabs by speaking to the browser, and it can even search within sites. For example, saying “Facebook Justin Bieber” will display his Facebook profile.

So you can interact with your browser easily.You can enable sonar with shake mobile configuration, so whenever you wish to commend your browser, you just need to shake your device lightly, so that it will say you to give a voice command to your browser.please note that activating sonar feature on Dolphin will consume more battery power.

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Like popular web browsers, you can easily install Dolphin browser Extensions like Dolphin Webzine, Dolphin Alexa Rank, Password Manager Pro, Box for Dolphin, PDF Viewer for Dolphin, Dolphin Translate, Bookmarks Widget, Dolphin Reader, Google Reader Notifier and much more.

By using Speed Dial option on dolphin browser, you can easily visit your favorite mobile and desktop websites on the go with one touch.Tabbed browsing feature enables you to visit more that one webpage simultaneously from your android device.

Dolphin browser for android Features:

  • Gesture & Sonar supports.
  • Various extension for dolphin browser available to install on Google Play.
  • Set up browser synchronization with Facebook or Google account easily.
  • Dolphin browser Search Engine Suggestion lets you browse your most relevant query.
  • Best alternative to Google Chrome for Android. Check More Android Apps
  • Dolphin HD Browser Android is available to download for Android, iPad and iPhone.

Works on Android version 2.0 & above.

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