Most of the smartphone or tablet device users have many of apps and other search station for enjoyment and any other reason. But, all the users want to delete search history of their search on their smartphone or tablet device. As we know, the Google Play Store app is an app, which shows all the history of the app as well as all search.

But, every user would like to delete all the information about their quest for any personal reason or any other reason. The Google Play Store also gives the facility of to clear the search history and app history. If you are looking for how to Delete Search History Android smartphones or tablet, this would be an informative resource for you.

This article is also related to How you can remove or delete the search history and app history from your smartphone or tablet device. Here, we would like to suggest some easy steps for remove the search and app history from your device.

With the help of these easy steps, you can quickly overcome the issue of it. These steps are also helpful for both the smartphone or tablet users. First, we mention about the steps to delete search history from your device.

STEP – 1 First of all, open the app Google Play Store from your smartphone or tablet device.

STEP – 2 Now, open that menu which is mounted towards the left-hand side.

STEP – 3 Open the option of “Settings” menu.

STEP – 4 Now, in the “Settings,” under the option of “General,” you will get the option of “Clear Search History.” With the click of “Clear Search History” button, your all the history about search will be deleted.

Delete Search History
Delete Search History on Android

So, with the help of these easy steps which is mentioned above, you can delete all the search history.

Do you use a different browser other than the default one? Still want to Delete Search History of that browser? Do check out below video on how you can easily Delete Search History on any Android browser.

How to Delete Search History on Android

Now, we would mention some easy steps about how to clear app history of Google Play Store AppsWith the using of this steps, you can quickly clean up the App history.

  • First of all, go to the Google Play Store and open the menu from the left side of your device.
  • In the menu, which has been open from the left side, tap on “My Apps.”

Now, you will get a list of all the installed apps, which has been installed on your device. If you want to the list uninstalled app, you can easily find via cross mark. By clicking on that cross mark, you can remove that uninstalled app.

If you want to delete or remove the app, which has been installed on your device and it is not more useful for you, then you can do it. For this process, just click on that installed app which you want to remove. After clicking that unwanted app, you will get the option of uninstalling it. After the uninstalling of an app, you can use Cleanmaster for this purpose; it’s very handy app to uninstall apps and clean junk files from a device.

This process of removing the app history is so easy, but it takes such time if you have a long list of app history. We will hope that, this article on How to Clear Search Apps History will be very helpful to you. Do let us know your views by commenting in the comment section below.

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