Have you ever seen little banner ads in Android’s notification area? Some apps abuse their notification permissions to display advertisements when you aren’t even using them. Sometimes while you install unknown Android apps to your device, those apps display unwanted ads as a notification. Here are some best tips by which you can prevent those unwanted ads from displaying on your Android notification bar.

Blocking Unwanted Ads on Android

It is essential to get rid of from the unwanted ads to do not get irritated while using the mobile. Mostly, all those ads come in form of notifications. But, now no more. With some Android apps, you will not get more Unwanted Ads. To let you free from those ads, below-listed apps help you.

Block Unwanted Ads Appearing On Android Notification Bar - theandroidportal

These apps are readily available at the Play Store. You can freely download any of the apps. It offers high compatibility with all your Android devices.

AirPush Detector

The AirPush Detector is a simple Android app which can automatically detect the ads-offering apps. It can detect ads from any apps whether it is pre-installed or downloaded. To know the app which sends ads, this is the best app if you are running on lesser than 4.1 Android.

AirPush Detector - theandroidportal.com

The app is not closing ads but identifies the apps which are displaying annoying ads on your device. So that you can easily identify the app and uninstall quickly. It will help you to identify and let you to Android Block Ads in Apps.

AirPush Detector Features

  • Quick Scanning of all apps
  • Displays the name of app sending the ads
  • Simple UI but Effective work

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Notification Manager

If you are getting irritated with the mass of the notification, then you can look up to Notification Manager. This app is the best notification cleaner and manager. This app will offer the best design and UI. It can filter the notification that you do not want to see.

Notification Manager - theandroidportal.com

With this app, you can select the apps which notifications do you want to see and do not want to see. The notifications from the apps which you do not want to see, it will land directly in this app. All those notifications can be swept with just a tap.

Notification Manager Features

  • Filtering of the app to get the notifications from the selected apps
  • Easily manage and clean the ads and notifications
  • Locked App’s notification will land in the app
  • One tap to swipe all the notifications
Notification Manager - Cleaner
Notification Manager - Cleaner

Addons Detector

The Addons Detector app mainly detects add-ons which have been used by the apps that you have installed. The add-ons are pieces which are used by the developer while developing the app.

These add-ons might be in form of push notifications or Air Push. This app will have all the tools that help you to find push notification ads and icon ads. The scan button will quickly scan all the apps that you have on the device for selected addon categories.

It offers many categories like Advertising, Analytics, Gaming, Call Screen Ads, Developer Tools, Icon Ads, and more.

Addons Detector - theandroidportal.com

You can also use AdBlocker tips. e.g. Stop Ads on Android using Host File

Addons Detector Features 

  • Detects add-ons used by the apps
  • Best tool to detect push notification ads and icon ads
  • An easy and Quick scanning of all the apps
  • Addon categories Advertising, Analytics, Gaming, Call Screen Ads, Developer Tools, Icon Ads, and more
Addons Detector
Addons Detector
Developer: Addons Detector
Price: Free

There are some more apps, that can be used to detect and remove unwanted ads from android. If you are using other apps to do the same, feel free to share it with us by commenting below.

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