Exploring the Play Store to find the best musician apps for Android? If yes then here you have arrived on the right webpage and here are the 8 best musician apps for Android to download from Play Store right now!

Music is the most significant source of entertainment. The music industry has been entertaining the world for years. According to resources, music not only reduces stress from the human mind but also it is the best way to express your feelings and emotions. It is the best way to keep yourself out from the pain of life.

On the other hand, musicians rock the world in every way possible. Musicians are of many types like the one who plays a musical instrument, the one who composes and produces music or the one who performs on the stage. No matter what type, they all are referred to as Musicians.

In the previous era, musicians had to spend long hours in the studio to compose or produce the music in the industry. But the time has changed, and smartphones are launched and the industry took a new approach.

There is no more need to stay long hours in the studios because of cool smartphones and amazing apps. All thanks to the kind of musician’s apps that are readily available on the Google Play store, through which you can efficiently and easily conduct, compose, and record your music even at home.

So, in this guide, we have introduced some of the best musician apps for android that help musicians in every stage of music-making. So, if you are curious to know more about the best musician apps for Android, just read our article further and start your career with a bang.

Top 8 Best Musician Apps for Android

Yousician- An Award-Winning App

If you are a beginner and want to learn or play Piano, Guitar, or vocals, then the Yousician app is the perfect option for you. Yousician acts as a personal music tutor, which helps you in correcting your vocals, singing, and instruments timing. You just need to play your instrument, and the apps listen to it carefully and give you feedback at the end.

Its expert musicians help you in improving your singing tasks at all levels. It also offers step by step tutorials according to your instrumental or playing level. To make your music experience more enjoyable, this app covers around 1500 music challenges so that you can solve it on a daily basis and become a pro musician. Overall, it’s one of the best musician apps for Android to install right now!

Walk Band- Multitracks Music

If you want to learn multi-genre music under one roof, then the Walk Band- Multitracks Music is a great app for you. It is the group of apps in which you can play multiple instruments one by one. Walk Band is the app that gives you a fantastic learning experience because, in this app, you are the boss of yourself.

It also contains a toolkit of a virtual musical instrument like Drum Kit, Piano, and Multitrack Recordings, etc. so that you can compose and conduct music even while you are on the way. Overall, it’s among one of the best musician apps for Android for those who wish to learn musical instruments on their own.

Musician- Metronome, Tuner and Piano

There are so many Musician Metronome apps that are easily available on the Google play store. But among all these apps Musician- Metronome, Tuner and Piano is the best app for musicians because it contains everything you need. This is the great metronome app which is specially designed to assist all the musicians and helps them in their accuracy and timing.

This app is the platform which helps you in sharpening your beats by Metronome. And with this app, you can also learn how to use the Piano Keyboard without any obstacles. Most of the modules of the app are free but for scale practice or alternate fingering methods; you have to purchase modules. All in all, it’s another one of the best musician apps for Android to go with!

BACKTRACK Kit Musicians Player

BACKTRACK kit app comes with plenty of features and the app is for both the professionals and the beginners. This app teaches every single lesson from the beginning to the end so that you can grow as a perfect musician.

From shifting the key to managing the tracks of different genres this app teaches you everything under one roof. This app also teaches the use of advance equalizer for great and perfect audio and advanced looping systems.

With this app, you can also learn how to save the song with changes or how to set pitch, and EQ volumes. Moreover, it also offers 32 types of musical scales and 30 types of chords especially for guitar and piano. However, please note that only a limited number of tracks is free, and for more tracks; you need to upgrade your app.

Developer: Z.H.
Price: Free+

Musicians Diary

Musicians Diary, as the name suggests, is among the best musician apps for Android and the perfect companion in your music practice.

With the Musician Diary app, you can start practicing the songs and measure your achievement on a daily basis. You can also record and play your practice with your device Microphones. You can also stop or resume your practice anytime and you can also set up the practice sessions for how much practice you want to do in a day.

Moreover, you can note your daily, weekly or monthly sessions and notice how much improvement you have done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. With the practice calendar, you have the record of your daily sessions so that if you ever miss the session you can easily continue from there. Overall, it’s another one among the best musician apps for Android, for the practice learners and beginners.

Developer: Mihkel Märtin
Price: Free

Maestro- Music Composer

Maestro- Music Composer as the name suggests, is one of the best platforms for those who want to compose music quickly and easily like a pro. Maestro- Music Composer app is a great option for all music composers, writers, music students or the one who loves to get into music but does not have any composing knowledge.

From the basic musical notations to the pro symbols, you have everything to learn about music in this app. You can also learn music with more than 100 different music instruments. With this app, you can also write or compose orchestral music. The app is totally free and you can enjoy all the features without any payment.

Price: Free+

Edjing Mix

If you want to mix music like a DJ then download the Edjing Mix app, and that’s just for free. With this app you can easily make remix songs, and amazing recordings. You can access millions of tracks, mix the tracks and make a new track with more than 20 features.

With this app, you can also mix MP3 sounds and share your files on the sound cloud. It also offers an automatic BPM detection feature that helps you in mixing your track even when you are busy listening to other tracks. It also has a smart search feature which makes your mixing process easy.

Perfect Ear

Perfect Ear app is the best companion in your hands because with this app you can learn chords, scales, intervals and every basic concept of the music. You can also learn about pitches or how to sing notes and on which interval. The app is essential for both beginners and professionals because ear training is the most important part of the music world.

You can also try the ear training exercises on a daily basis and note your achievements. Moreover, you can create your own exercise according to your knowledge and learning. Overall, it’s the best free and amazing ear training app for musicians on our list. Last but not the least, it’s the final one among the best musician apps for Android to install right now!

Final Words

So, those are the best Musicians apps for Android users. With all the above apps, you can learn all about musical instruments, intervals, pitches, and other sources of music.

That’s all for now, and we hope these apps help you in growing your music skills. If you ever try any of the above apps share your experience with us. Don’t forget to share our post. For more updates like our page and ping us on The Android Portal.