Recently I received 6 Pack of USB type C cables from CHOETECH, a well-known brand for mobile accessories like Solar panels, Wireless chargers, Fast charging adapters, and many more.

USB C to USB A Cables

The package contains 6 packs of 1×1.6ft + 4×3.3ft + 1×6.6ft long USB type C cable for charging mobile phones. All those cables seem identical at first look. The only difference between all those cables is the length of the cable.


Nowadays, most mobile phone manufactures a device that supports charging with a type C cable. So if your default USB C cable for charging is broken or you want a new one for your mobile phone, you can consider this 6-pack of USB C charging cables for your device.

The quality of the cable is very good as compared to the data charging cable we see from local shops in India.

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Why different lengths?

Based on your usage preference, you can select the charging cable. Suppose you are in a bedroom where the charging socket is far away from you; the lengthiest cable will help you. Suppose you are travelling & you have a power bank with you; you might probably select the shortest possible cable.

The big reason to have multiple lengths is that you can choose the best cable according to your need, instead of using 1 in all situations.

Discount Code

You can use the Amazon Coupon code to get a discount on this charging cable.

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