Searching for the best alphabet-learning apps for toddlers? If yes, then you landed here on the right page.

I find it challenging to teach ABC to toddlers. Do you? Well, we can help you and provide you with some tips. When choosing apps for your kids, the question is always the same: Are these apps educational or just filled with junk information and materials? Well, the answer is obviously yes.

These apps really help your children in learning the alphabet in a fun and exciting manner. There are a lot of apps available on Google play store. Some are paid, and some are free, so it is difficult to choose the best app for your kid.

Today, through this guide, you will learn the best alphabet-learning apps for toddlers. So, please read our article further you will get all the details on that matter.

Alphabet apps for kids are just fantastic; they not only make learning fun but also provide kids with practice and familiarity with ABC. Reading requires a mixture of many skills. So, these interactive apps offer the building blocks of text, focusing, and other things so that your child loves to learn the alphabet. These apps also help kids combine letters to learn sounds and words quickly.

Moreover, these educational apps also help in developing letter knowledge.  There are lots of ABC apps available on the Play Store. However, we recommend only some of the best alphabet-learning apps for toddlers that will invite your toddlers to learn the alphabet in a fun-loving manner. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the list below.

Best Alphabet Learning Apps for Toddlers

We have researched and listed a few of the best learning apps for toddlers that you can use below.

ABC Kids- Tracing and Phonics

ABC is a free phonics and alphabet teaching apps that make learning fun for children. From toddlers to kindergartners, all love this app and enjoy fun phonics and alphabet tracing games. It features a series of tracing games that help kids recognize letters, and shapes and indulge easily with phonic sounds.

ABC Kids- Tracing and Phonics (1)

Moreover, with this app, they can use their alphabet knowledge by indulging in fun matching exercises. Not only this but if they complete the exercise, they can even collect stickers and toys, which adds more fun to their learning. ABC- the kid is the best companion of your toddlers. Through this app, they can easily focus on reading, writing, and other tasks just by moving their fingers.

ABC Kids - Tracing & Phonics
ABC Kids - Tracing & Phonics

Letter School- ABC Phonics

The letter school app is designed beautifully for kids. It helps in teaching your kids how to write alphabets and numbers in an animated and fun way. Kids always want to have fun, so; this app offers an exciting educational journey with the most engaging and entertaining educational materials. With its four-set of activities, children can easily indulge in this app for a long.

Letter School- ABC Phonics

They learn various exciting animations, graphics, and sound effects. They also learn to associate letters with words, acquire and memorize tracing directions, and the correct formation of letters. This app is perfect not only for toddlers but also for parents and teachers. With this app, you can engage your children in a game mode along with educational learning.

Endless Alphabet

Endless Alphabet is an exciting alphabet-learning app for kids. This app is designed to build vocabulary and teach letters and sounds. Each word features an interactive puzzle with talking letters and a short animation illustrating the definition. The app is not only for toddlers, but it helps older kids build their vocabularies with some vivid words.

Endless Alphabet.

With this app, you can easily explore 100 words at a time. Its delightful animations teach children the definitions of the words in a fun and engaging way. The endless alphabet app is designed with your children in mind. There are no high scores, failures, limits, or stress. Your child can interact with the app at their own pace. Overall, it’s one of the best alphabet-learning apps for toddlers to install right now.

Endless Alphabet
Endless Alphabet
Developer: Originator Inc.
Price: Free

ABC Spelling- Spell and Phonics

ABC Spelling is a colorful and easy-to-use educational game that helps toddlers learn the alphabet, sound out words, and associate letters with pictures. The vivid graphics and beautiful animations help children to learn in a fun-loving manner. The sounds in this app help children learn phonics and letters for words. The report card shows learning progress so parents can help their kids at every turn.

ABC Spelling- Spell and Phonics (1)

Thanks to its fill-in-the-blank game where kids spell out the name of the picture using letters on the screen. ABC is designed with both adults and children in mind. Kids will love the bright graphics, easy-to-touch icons, and fun cartoon design. All in all, it’s another app on our list of best alphabet-learning apps for toddlers that you can install.

Spelling & Phonics: Kids Games
Spelling & Phonics: Kids Games

Lingokids- The Play Learning App

Lingokids is the best learning app for students from 2-8 years of age. Through this app, they will learn English in a fun and playful way. The most effective way for children to learn a new language is through games, that’s why Lingokids comes with a packet full of games. It offers a safe learning environment to your kids, free from all distractions and ads.

Lingokids- The Play Learning App (1)

Moreover, writing and grammar games aimed to teach sounds, pronunciation, phonics, and intonation of the words when talking and also learn how to write them in English. With this app, you can also learn the numbers in English along with their pronunciation. It offers up to 72 topics to learn and communicate in English. Overall it’s a fantastic app for both toddlers and youngsters.

ABCD For Kids- Preschool Learning

Let your kids quickly learn English alphabets with this ABCD for kid app. This app helps your children in learning English by relating each Alphabet with an animal or an object. This app also helps your kids to learn the alphabet with around ten different object representations for each letter and with sound pronunciation.

ABCD For Kids- Preschool Learning

The app includes the capital and small letters for each Alphabet. The app targets 2-6-year-old kids and helps in easy navigation so that your kids can explore on their own. This app provides ABCD learning for nursery children. It offers impressive games that kid loves to play. This is the final app among the best alphabet-learning apps for toddlers to install today.


So, those are the best alphabet-learning apps for toddlers. These apps help your kids in learning and pronunciation in a fun-loving manner. If you try any of the above apps, share your experience in the comment section.

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