Want to Backup Android SD Card to Dropbox ? Dropbox can backup your entire memory card on the cloud. This way, you can get your backup files from anywhere you want.

We all know Dropbox is the best cloud storage for smartphone users when you buy new smartphones, smartphone companies like Samsung also give you 50GB of FREE online storage with Dropbox. Generally, when you sign up for dropbox, you will get 2GB of FREE cloud storage. if you are looking for backup android’s photo and videos, Google+ Auto-backup is the best tool provided to android users by Google.

Actually, when you configure your email with Android device, you will see an option to enable Google+ auto backup or not. If you enable Google plus auto backup, both your photos and videos stored on your device or the photos you are going to capture would be automatically stored on your Google+ auto backup account.

How to Backup Android SD Card to Dropbox

Some peoples don’t like Google + auto-backup feature and hence, they would surely disable auto backup feature on Google+. But this not the solution for backup, so Dropbox is another alternative, that would maintain your privacy for stored content. You can backup android content to your Dropbox account to retrieve them back whenever you need and from anywhere in the world. Here in this article,we are going to discuss Best Way to Backup Android using Dropbox.

How to Backup Android SD Card to Dropbox

  • Download & Install Dropbox from Google Play Store.
  • If you don’t have an account with dropbox, create Dropbox account for FREE. You will get 2 GB FREE cloud storage for a lifetime.
  • After signup, login to your dropbox account.
  • There you will see default files and folders in your Dropbox account. Press menu option and you will see a list of options, from there choose to create new folder option to backup your content on that folder.
Dropbox Android SD Card
backup photos to Dropbox
  • Move to that folder and press option, you will see upload here option from your device.

Backup Android SD Card to Dropbox

  • There might be two options, say photos or videos or other files. If you want to backup photos or videos, select the first option or if you want to upload other documents or files from your Dropbox Android SD Card.
  • Select the files you want to upload from your device memory or from your SD card to dropbox.
  • Clicking on upload will start uploading files on your Dropbox account that you have selected for upload.

Dropbox is also offering automatic Android Backup to Dropbox, you can activate this feature while setting up dropbox. This feature is called as Camera Upload feature, that you can also activate manually from setting option of your dropbox android app. It will help you to Sync SD Card photos & videos automatically to your Dropbox account.

Check Below Video on How to Backup Android SD Card to Dropbox

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