Samsung mobile phones are the best ones, and people love using them as their camera results are awesome. People love recording long videos and capturing good photos on their phones. But sometimes, internal storage is not enough to store all the data into it. So probably, you should buy a memory card for your Samsung phone and upgrade its storage.

How to Access Memory Cards from Samsung Phones

There are mainly two ways you can connect your microSD card with your Samsung mobile phone.

Using a MicroSD Card Slot

Almost all Samsung mobile phones come with an external microSD card slot where you can simply insert your memory card & upgrade your storage.

All you need to do is find a microSD card slot that may probably be available along with a SIM card slot on your phone. Just insert your memory card in that slot, and you will see your phone will have internal and external storage to store more data.

Using Card Reader

The card reader is the most popular way to connect your phone. Phones like Galaxy S22 series don’t have a microSD card slot with them, but if you still want to connect your microSD card using a card reader with your phone, enjoy more storage on your phone.

What are the best card readers for Samsung Phones?

Now we can divide those card readers into two parts as Samsung manufactures both types that have micro USB slots and type C slots. We will discuss both of them here.

Type C Card Readers

If your Samsung mobile has a type C port to charge, you can use this type C card reader to connect your memory card to your Samsung phone.

MicroUSB card readers

If your Samsung phone has a micro USB port to charge, you can simply insert your memory card into the card reader and plug it into a micro USB port.

Your phone will initialise and read your memory card.

How to access files on the memory card?

All you need to do is, Just make use of any file manager app on your phone and browse all data stored on your memory card.


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