There are so many popup ads like these on your Android, that can ruin your device. Sometimes, you will see some apps getting installed automatically, sometimes it slows down your device and sometimes your device gets affected by malware too. Here are a few messages which you usually get on your browser while visiting pages like movie downloads or some porn websites.

Your Andriod is in grave danger!

Google has found a serious virus on your Android system! (notice how they spelled Android correctly this time). If you do not upgrade to the latest applications, personal photos, passwords, and credit card information is at risk, and can cause the system to crash.

Android is in Grave Danger Error

It will also show you steps to upgrade your device & your device keeps vibrating until you close that page exit from the browser or reboot your device.

Why do you get messages to upgrade?

First of all, don’t ever click on any such upgrade buttons or they ask you to do so. As they want you to click on the ads, when you click on upgrade or such buttons, they will install harmful apps on your device.

The website owner gets revenue when you install such apps on your device, but your device will be getting affected by malware if you do so. Also, your device’s performance will get gradually slower than usual even if you have high-end smartphones with good RAM.

What to Do if you see such a message again!

If you see such a message again, Go to Settings > App Manager > Select your Browser in which you have seen this kind of message > Force Stop > Clear Cache.

Force Stop Installed Apps

What we are doing by following those above steps is force stop & clear cache, is force stop helps no further issues from the browser side. So if they are trying to install malware on your device through your browser, it will stop automatically.

What is Your Andriod is in grave danger! 1

The clear cache option will clear the cache on that browser so that even if malware or any such codes remain on your browser’s cache, will be removed and you are on a safer size.

Now reboot your device and it will start working as normal.

What if you have upgraded or any harmful apps installed?

If you have clicked on the upgrade now or any such buttons and any apps have been installed on your device, you should quickly uninstall the app. To uninstall apps, follow the steps below.

  • Go to Settings > Application Manager
  • Find out the app and tap on it.
  • Tap on Force Stop & Uninstall it.

These steps remain the same but some devices have different name options, so make sure to find out the correct name on your device.

If you think your device has been affected by any such incident and you don’t know the app name, just follow the steps above and find out the app that you think is suspected and you didn’t install it. Uninstall it quickly to get rid of such pop-ups and messages on your device.

Do share your comments below, have you encountered any such issues ever? How did you get rid of this kind of situation at that time?

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Bhavesh Sondagar
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