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TrackR Bravo – Coin Size Tracking Device

Last Updated On: December 16, 2016

TrackrR device is a little coin size Bluetooth device that allows you to find or locate your belongings. All you need to do is just attach this gadget to your wallet, purse, bags or anything that you are prone to lose. You can use your smartphone app to make this TrackR beep. You can also attach it to your smartphone so that you can easily track your lost smartphone.

TrackR Device Design

This tiny TrackR device is available at Amazon which is a lightweight plastic disc that is around the size of 1 Indian Ruppe Indian coin. You can also include keychain ring using a loop, which you can use it with your car or bike keys. We have paired this device with ASUS zenfone 3 by using TrackR Android app. You can pair up to ten smartphones to single Tracker Device.

TrackR Review

On the front, there is backlit pairing button just below TrackR logo on the device. For a battery, this device uses standard CR1616 coin cell that should replace on a yearly basis. You don’t have to worry about recharging a battery of this device. We don’t have any idea about a battery dying, but a there is a problem when we lost something right before the battery dies.

Features &  Performance

You can make your phone ring using this device, Also use your phone to ring this TrackR device when they are out of range of each other. So whenever you left your TrackR attached belonging behind, your phone will sound and alarm when you are moving out of range. Same way, TrackR device will sound when you forget your phone.

TrackR device

The good thing is that you can configure these alerts from your TrackR app’s setting from your device. You will also be able to set custom alarm sound from your phone’s music gallery.

When you are going out and want to find your keys attached with TrackR, you just need to tap on the button from your Android app and TrackR device will start ringing. You can also find your phone by pressing on TrackR device.

To test this device, I have asked one of my friend to hide my wallet to his office.I tried to find my wallet using TrackR app on my phone.

It was out of range first, on the screen of the app, it shows google maps with details of last seen. Just below the google map screen, another section of TrackR looks out option. We are also able to check closely, Far or near message.

When we get even closer to a wallet, Tracker app notified that we are near to the wallet. When I tapped on an icon to activate an alarm, it started beeping. However beeping sound is faint, it’s little difficult to hear in a noisy public area. But in a silent room, we can easily hear the beeping sound and find it. However, if they tried to increase beeing little louder than now, it would be easier to find. Finally, I found my wallet from there.

How to Configure TrackR device with Android Phone

When you have TrackR device with you, you will need to download TrackR Android app on your device. You can download this app from Google play store by searching TrackR or by clicking here. Once downloaded, open this app from your phone and follow the steps below.

  • Select Add a TrackR device
  • Choose TrackR Bravo
  • Name your TrackR device from option and tap on Next.

Configure TrackR Device with Android

Now after tapping on next button, you will see details as shown in the image below. It will ask you to pair your device. Follow the steps below to pair your TrackR with your Android device.

  • Tap on TrackR device’s button placed below logo & press Next
  • Your phone will ask you to enable Bluetooth if not enabled already
  • Your phone will look for your TrackR device around and connect with it automatically
  • To test its range, place bravo device little far from your phone and let your phone detect it.

Testing Range of TrackR device

It will be calibrated, and then your device will be connected to your smartphone. It will show you a connected option on your smartphone’s screen.

Trackr Connected with Android

Upper part will show your device’s location on a map, while half bottom part will show you ringing option. Which you can tap on and your device will start beeping.

TrackR Features:

Device Separation Alert – This will cause your device ring when left behind. But it will increase battery consumption of your device as it will run in the background.

Phone Separation Alert – This will cause your phone ring when left behind. But it will increase battery consumption of your smartphone as it will run in the background.

Alarm length – You can configure ringing length using this option

Set custom Alarm sound – you can set up custom sound for your alarm from your device’s music library

Delete – You can use delete button if you want to de-register TrackR device from your phone.(You will need to re-add using the same process after you remove the device)

Are you already using this TrackR device? If yes, please share your feedback and experience with us in the comment section below. If you would like to buy this cool gadget for you, you can check below link for the same.


This device lets you track your lost or stolen belongings or locate your phones. The battery is a replaceable and lightweight device.


Faint alarm sound, not recommended for a noisy public area.


The overall design is superb; size is perfect to use with keys. We can use it as a keychain, but if it still bit smaller, it can easily fit into a pocket. Replaceable battery is yet another important thing that they have considered.

They can improve their weak alarm’s sound to little higher so that we can also hear it from noisy area. It might not be useful for a noisy public area, but we can use it at an office, home-like places.

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