Error Error 919 is an app installation error that prevents installing any Android application from the Google Play Store. During updating or downloading any Android application from the Google Play Store many people are complaining about this error. But don’t worry about it because we have the best solution for error 919 on Android.

In this article, we will show you how to fix error 919 on an Android smartphone. Follow some steps mentioned below to fix Error 919 Play Store.

How To Solve Error 919 On Android

Clear Cache Data from the Google Play Store Application

  • Go to the “Setting” menu
  • Scroll down and Find the “Applications” option and open it
  • Now, Select the “Google Play Store” application and open it
  • In the “Google Play Store” you can see two buttons Clear Cache & Clear Data
  • You need to press both buttons one by one to clear all data and cache files from the Google Play Store
  • After Clearing the cache and app data go back to the “Applications” menu, Now you have to find the “Download Manager” Application option in the list
  • Then, Press both buttons “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data” one by one
  • Now “Restart” your phone and launch “Google Play Store” application to download application

Now you have done. Your 919 Error Code When Downloading Apps may have now gone completely. However, if you are still getting 919 errors on your Play Store follow the below steps.

Change Internet or WiFi connection

    • Go to the “Setting” menu
    • Turn off your mobile data connection and connect with the WiFi network If you are using a Mobile Data connection. Note: If you’re using a WiFi connection then try using a Mobile data connection to download the application.
    • After changing “Connection”, Restart your phone and try to download the application from Google Play Store

Change Your Mobile APN

  • Go to the “Setting” menu
  • Select the “Wireless and Networks” option and open it
  • Now choose the “Mobile Data” button and press it
  • Then Select “access point names” and edit it
  • here you can edit the APN setting

You can check out the full list of error codes on the Play Store here.

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