We know that the Galaxy S5 smartphone supports a fingerprint scanner. So you can easily prevent your mobile from unauthorized access. Your device would read your fingerprint, scan it, and then only allow you to go inside the menu.  Samsung Galaxy S5 Features include the latest fingerprint scanning technology. Last time we discussed about face unlock technology and how to activate the face unlock feature on a smartphone device.

How To Setup Fingerprint Scanner on Samsung Galaxy S5

How to Set Up The Finger Print Scanner

  • First of all, go to the setting option.
  • Scroll down the options; you will find the Fingerprint Scanner option there.
  • Now tap on Fingerprint Manager and from there you will see Add New Fingerprint

How to Set Up The Finger Print Scanner on Galaxy S5 Once you add it, you will be asked for additional security setup. You can set another security login – passcode or pattern in case your Samsung Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Reader fails to read your fingerprint. You can enter that additional security password or pattern to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S5 when gaining access to your device quickly is not working or the device fails to read it.

You can register up to 3 fingerprints with your device. You should register more than one fingerprint with your S5 device,  It would help you to quickly gain access to your device.

If you failed or swiped too slowly or the Galaxy Fingerprint Scanner was unable to read your fingerprint, After five unsuccessful swipe attempts, you will be required to enter your password to unlock the Galaxy S5. That password would be the additional security code or pattern you have entered while setting up the fingerprint scanner on your device.

If you are facing any difficulties while setting up the Samsung Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Scanner, feel free to comment below with your queries.

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  1. fingerprint scanner not working on galaxy s5.
    password not working also.
    what should I do to solve this problem?

  2. Hi Bhavesh- I recently bought a Korean make S5 from Bangkok. Fingerscan upon swipes glow green but doensn’t seem to register and accepts any fingerswipe to unlock. could you please suggest action here? Thanks.

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