Want to speed up your Samsung smartphone? Clearing RAM memory may improve your device’s performance. If there is 90% or more usage level of RAM on any device, may cause your device perform poorly and that affect its performance. You will need to review RAM usage on clear memory (RAM) if needed. RAM is a short form of Random Access Memory that is responsible for device’s performance on smartphones, tablets or computer devices.

Clearing RAM will end running apps and stop background apps on your device. So before you clear memory of your smartphone, you need to make sure you have saved data in your running apps. As clearing RAM will close all apps on your device.

If you think your device is freezing or performing slow, clearing RAM memory will help it to perform better than before.

How to Clear Ram in Samsung Smartphones

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How to clear memory of Samsung Smartphones

  1. Press & hold the Home key.
  2. Select Task Manager option (Find it at bottom left side)
  3. Tap on Task Manager
  4. From RAM tab, Tap on Clear memory.
clear memory
Clear ram memory on Samsung

Once you do this, you will find RAM status will show RAM usage lower than before. This option is available on almost all Samsung smartphones. If you are using any other smartphones, you can also use some external apps like advanced task killers or Cleanmaster to clear memory of your smartphones.

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