The most annoying thing is on Android smartphones when applications close suddenly or display an error message. You should check this article if you are using a Samsung Galaxy S3 and have received a camera failure error. You are not alone, as so many users reported this error on Samsung Galaxy S3 devices.

Sometimes for other Samsung smartphones too. You only need to follow some simple troubleshooting steps, and the camera failed error on your device will be fixed. Every Samsung device now comes with a very useful User-Friendly helping app called Samsung Cares to diagnose your device, so it performs better.

Fix Samsung Galaxy camera Failed errorSamsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone Camera Failed

Clear Data and Cache of Camera App

  • Open Settings on your Samsung Galaxy device
  • Scroll down and select Application Manager
  • Now swipe to the “All” application section
  • Scroll down and select “Camera,” and open it

Here you can see the “Clear data” and “Clear Cache” buttons; now, you have to tap on both buttons to Clear data and the Cache of the camera app from your phone. Now restart your Samsung Galaxy device and check your camera works or not.

Perform Factory Data Reset

  • Open Settings on your Samsung Galaxy device
  • Navigate to “Backup & Reset” option
  • Here you have to tap on the “Factory Data Reset” option
  • Tap on “Reset device,” then again tap on the “Erase Everything” button

This will wipe all user data from your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone, so please back up all your data on your computer and then perform Factory Data Reset on your device.

Remove SD Card from Device

Sometimes your smartphone has an issue with your sd card. Remove the micro SD card from your device and restart your device. Check again if the issue has been fixed.

Update System Firmware

To install firmware on your Samsung device, you need the Odin app on your computer to flash system firmware on your phone.

  • Click on the method below link to download the Odin app for your computer
  • First of all, dial *#1234# from the dialing pad of your phone; this will give you information about your device variant.
  • Now open this link on your computer’s web browser;
  • To download the system firmware of your Samsung Device, you need to make a registration on it.
  • Search the System firmware for your device model and find the variant

On the System Firmware download page, you can find installation instructions to install the firmware using the Odin app.

Try Alternative Camera App

You can also download and install an alternative camera app for your device to check whether the camera is working or not with third-party app. this will confirm that the error comes because your device needs a hardware repair or Camera Replacement.

Open Google Play Store on your device. Now Search for “Camera app” and install it on your device.

After downloading or installing the Google Camera app, open it to check whether your device’s camera is working better or not. If all else fails, your device needs a Camera hardware repair or replacement. 

We hope this helped you to fix your camera failed error. Please let us know how you fix this failed camera error on your device.

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