Have you ever faced any problems with your OnePlus 2 smartphone? Mostly, all the OnePlus 2 users have the same answer Yes. However, the new users might not have faced any issues yet. But, not only OnePlus 2 users, all device users have encountered some problems with their devices.

So, if you are a new user of the OnePlus 2, then you must have a look at the entire discussion. In which, we will discuss 8 OnePlus 2 Problems and How to Fix them.

However, the OnePlus 2 Mobile has some stunning features and specs to use. Like, it comes with a 5.5-inch Full HD multi-capacitive touchscreen display with 1080 x 1920 pixels. It runs on an Oxygen OS based on Android 5.1 Lollipop. Regarding the storage, it comes in two variants 16 GB and 64 GB memory capacity.

For unstoppable performance, it also has 4 GB RAM and 3 GB RAM options. The rear camera with 13 MP and the Front Camera with 5 MP allows you to capture classic clicks. 3300 mAh battery can help you to run the device without getting out.

But, even after that, there will be some problems that you have to fight with. So, here we give you a brief idea regarding the issues that you may have to face with the OnePlus 2.

OnePlus 2 Problems and How to Fix:

Here, we have listed the most probable problems that may come with your OnePlus 2 device. Alongside it, we have also mentioned their feasible solutions to defeat it. Now, have a look at that and fight hard with the issues of the OnePlus 2.

Battery Life Issue:

Battery Life is not a new problem that comes out with the smartphone. Earlier, when the smartphone was not invented, at that time, mobile users also faced such problems. But, as the time passes away, the smartphones are designed.

Along with it, amazing features are also included to brighten up the device. These amazing features want more power to perform, and that’s why the battery life is nowadays a more likely issue. So, now to overcome this issue, we are not able to do anything. While it does not mean that we can not restrict it.

So, to improve the battery a little bit, below are the tricks that may help you. By using this, you can not suddenly be able to improve the battery life, but you can slightly improve it.

  • Check the brightness of your OnePlus 2 device. If it is more than necessary, kindly set it as per the requirement. Because full brightness would like to eat the battery power. Hence, do not forget to adjust the brightness as per your requirement of use. For the issue of brightness, you can also check out Best Screen Dimmer Apps for Android. You can also use such Battery Saver App to save battery life.
  • Some background running apps also cause battery issues. So, also check whether apps are running or not. If yes, then kindly close it if you do not want to use it.
  • Also, check out the app drawer of the mobile. If you have found some unwanted and useless apps there, then Uninstall them to save the battery life. Sometimes, some apps will also be able to consume more battery.
    After applying all the tricks, if you do not get rid of the issue, then replace the battery. It is one of the best ideas to save the life of your smartphone. An old battery may damage the overall performance of the device. So, the replacement of the battery is a wise decision.

Unresponsive Fingerprint Sensor

The Fingerprint Sensor is one of the most demanded features nowadays in new smartphones. It enhances the security of the mobile effectively. Some users have also found some issues with security enhancer features alongside its use.

They have stated that it does not work properly or may take some time to unlock the device. So, to solve this issue, you should have to apply the below tricks.

  • At that time, the Factory Data Reset should be considered the best trick. But, before doing so, make sure about the Backup of all the data and files. This process will erase all the data. To do so, go to Settings >> Backup and Reset >> Factory Data Reset >> OK.
  • By adding a new fingerprint in the Settings, you may get rid of the issue. Sometimes, it happens that the print you have added previously might create such issues. So, adding a new fingerprint is an excellent overcome. You can do that by going into the Settings of the device.
  • Before using the Fingerprint sensor, first of all, check your finger whose print is added. Make sure that your finger and even the sensor are clean or not. If you find some dust out there, then try to remove it and try to use the sensor.
  • In the end, the best solution is to contact the OnePlus Service Center out there in your nearby location.

Camera Issues

The camera is nowadays most favorite feature for most people. The smartphone manufacturer also provides high camera resolutions to make their users happy. But, if we are talking about the OnePlus 2 camera, then some users are not satisfied with it.

They have noted that sometimes the camera is not working well. Also of that, the flashlight does not perform well. You might face this issue after updating the OS of the device. So, as the precautions of that, you should have to keep in mind such tricks to defend the camera.

  • The first solution is a clear the cache and clear data of the Camera app that comes pre-installed. For that, go to Settings >> Applications >> Camera >> Clear Cache and Clear Data. It might fix the issue rapidly.
  • If you have still found the same issue, then this issue is with the pre-installed camera app. So, at that time, the best decision is to use the third-party camera app. For that, we would like to recommend you use the Google Camera App. You can download it by visiting the Play Store. If this app is not available in your country yet, then the APK file is also a better option.
  • You may also perform the Wipe Cache Partition. This is also the process that will not leave any of your data. So, before doing it, do not forget to do the data backup.
    • To Wipe the Cache Partition, switch off the device.
    • Press & hold the Power key + Volume Up key + Home key at a time.
    • Leave the Power key as soon as you feel a vibration, but not the rest of the two.
    • Then, the Android recovery screen comes.
    • Now, with the help of a Volume Down key, select the Wipe Cache Partition option. Then, select it by using the Power key. Wait till the process gets completed.

Connectivity Issues

The connectivity issue now becomes an entirely similar problem for all smartphone devices. It may be of Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth connectivity. Here, we are mentioning the tricks to solve both the connectivity issues for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

For Wi-Fi

  • Switch off or Restart your OnePlus 2 smartphone. It may sometimes fix the issue.
  • Try to Delete or Forget the older Wi-Fi connection that you have used previously. After that, try to connect with the desired network to use the data.
  • Disable the Battery Saver option if it is enabled.
  • Use the Wi-Fi Analyzer app to analyze the Wi-Fi feature quickly.

For Bluetooth

  • Disable the Battery Saver option or Power Saver Mode if it is enabled.
  • Clear Cache and Clear Data of the Bluetooth by going into Settings >> Applications. Then, try to connect your device with the other Bluetooth-enabled device.
  • Even after that, if you are still having the same issue, then Restart the mobile.
  • Like Wi-Fi, the Bluetooth feature also saves all the previously connected Bluetooth profiles. So, here you also have to delete all the older profiles.

Unresponsive Home Button

Some OnePlus 2 users are also reporting issues with the Home button. They have noted that a home button can not feel some pressure. Due to that, some actions will not be done. In such situations, the home button becomes unresponsive.

In short, it becomes useless. But, with the help of the below tricks, you may fix the Home Button issue.

  • Some users are saying that they have the solution to the issue by flashing a new ROM.
  • But, we recommend you contact the Authorized Service Center of the OnePlus. This might be the best solution if you are suffering from the home button issue.

The “Close All Apps” Option does not Appear.

In Android smartphones, there is a good option of “Close all apps” to close all the background running apps. By tapping on that, you can close all running apps at a time. It is at the display of the Recent Screen with a sign of X.

But, some OnePlus 2 also have faced such issues that the “Close all apps” options do not appear sometimes. So, to regain it, some feasible solutions are mentioned below. Try it to solve the issue.

  • If all the apps are not up-to-date with the latest updates, then you may have to face this issue. So, the best solution is that update all the apps by going to the Google Play Store. Then, check out whether the X comes or not.
  • You can also solve the issue by booting your device into Safe Mode. Sometimes, it may fix the issue quickly. To boot the device into Safe Mode, press and hold the Power button. It shows you a pop-up. Once again, tap and hold on to the Power Off option. Then, you will get another pop-up which is about Safe mode. To enter into it, tap Yes. Then, to come back into Normal Mode, just switch off the device.

Dual SIM Recognition Failed

The OnePlus 2 smartphone has Dual SIM ability. But, it often creates such issues as recognition failure. It means the device can not detect the Dual SIM. If the same condition comes for a long time, then you might not be able to use Dual SIM.

So, to overcome it, you have to try some tricks. That tricks you can readily find below.

  • Restarting the OnePlus 2 mobile is one of the easiest tricks to get out of the issue. To do so, just press and hold the Power Button. In the pop-up comes by that, select the option of Restart. After turning off the device, it will automatically turn on after a while.
  • Check out the slot which is allotted to the SIM card. Maybe an unclean slot creates such issues. If you find any, then make it clean and then try to insert SIM again.
  • Even then, if the issue is there, then the slot may have been damaged. And it is a hardware issue and to fix it, visit the nearest Service Center.

Overheating Issue

Overheating is the most likely problem that occurs with the latest phones. Also of that, this issue may damage the device internally. But, what kind of tricks should you have to apply the fixes overheating issues finally? Here, we will mention some tricks that will help you to fix the Overheating problem.

  • Try to do not to use your device in hot weather. Also, avoid the use of phones directly from the sunlight.
  • Do not use the device while charging.
  • The factory data reset also helps you against this issue. If you want to perform it, then visit 2nd point. In which, we have mentioned the whole process for it.
  • You can also use the Power Saver feature that comes with the OnePlus 2 smartphone.

Here, we are at the end of the discussion of 8 Problems in the OnePlus 2 and how to fix them. Which, we have listed probable issues that you could have to face in the future as a OnePlus user.

We hope that you can easily find a satisfying solution to the issues by using the discussion. We also hope that you can quickly fix the issues using it. And do not forget to share this useful discussion with others to solve their issues.

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