Want to know how to improve sound quality and volume level on Android mobile phones and tablets? Read this guide for the ideal solutions.

Everyone loves to listen to music or watch movies on their Android devices while traveling or during their leisure time. However, there is one problem that most users encounter at some stage, and that they find their phones are not loud enough.

What next? Not all android phones come with Dolby speakers, and that doesn’t mean you cannot enhance the quality of volume in your android phone.

So, in today’s article, we will discuss different ways to improve your phone’s sound and volume so that you can enjoy the higher bass of volume every time. So here are some quick solutions to guide you in that matter.

Guide To Improve Sound Quality & Volume Level On Android

Start By Disabling The Total Silent Mode AKA Do Not Disturb Mode

Total silence mode or do not disturb mode mutes all the speaker and headphone volume on your phone. That’s why sometimes you cannot enjoy the actual volume of your phone. To avoid this situation, you just need to turn off your total silence mode by following the below simple steps.

  • Drag down the Notification Bar, and tap on the Settings icon.
  • From the settings menu, you need to search for “Do Not Disturb Mode” where you can toggle on the option to switch it off.
  • Alternatively, go into the Settings app where you can find the “Sound” menu containing Do not disturb option. Tap this option to turn them off.

If you have completed these steps, then your phone will get out of silence modes in every aspect.

Disconnect All The Connected Bluetooth Devices

If your phone is connected via Bluetooth to a device that plays sound, but that device is not close to you, or you won’t get audio where you expect, then turn off your Bluetooth.

The quickest way to turn off your Bluetooth is by pulling down the quick settings and then tap on the Bluetooth icon, which then turns grey.

Another way to deactivate Bluetooth is by going to the settings option and then to the Device Connectivity. From this option, tap on the toggle and switch off the Bluetooth mode.

Clean External Speakers To Make your music louder

Yes, you heard it right, sometimes there is dust obstructing your external speakers. You need to clean your external speakers with the help of a brush.

Rub the brush gently on your external speakers for approx.1-2 minutes, and check whether the sound and volume have been increased or not. However, try also with the compressed air because it’s a more effective solution.

Try Clearing Lint Out Of Your Phone’s Headphone Jack

Sometimes the piece of lint gets trapped in your headphone jack. This creates a problem in plugging your headphones. If you notice some sound problems with headphones and the plug does not go smoothly into the jack, then there is a possibility that you may have lint tamped down.

To solve this problem, you can use a sewing needle or a safety pin to take out the pieces of dust from the jack. After doing this, your headphones will smoothly fit into the jack.

Test Your Headphones To Check If They Are Shorted

Headphones do not last forever, but sometimes it is hard to tell when and how they reach the end of their lifespan. There are so many reasons like the headphones may be fairly old, or it may be broken from somewhere, or have gotten wet or maybe kinked in places. Due to these reasons, they are more likely to die from their wiring.

The solution to this problem is straightforward. All you have to do is just try a new set of headphones and check whether they are working correctly or not. If yes, then the problem is undoubtedly in your headset.

Improve Sound Quality And Volume Level With An Equalizer App

If your device’s audio is imbalanced instead of completely thwarted, then the equalizer app can be helpful for you. This app helps in changing the intensity level of certain sonic frequencies in the audio emanating from your speakers or headphones. This is the best solution to equalize the balance of your device sound or have skewed or cut the background noise.

If you are confused about what adjustments give perfect sound, then there is a neutralizer app that automatically adjusts the frequencies of your device. The Neutralizer app quickly determines which frequencies need boosting and which need toning down. Here are some steps to adjust the sound frequency.

  • Open the app and tap on the Plus (+) icon in the lower right of the home screen.
  • From here, the neutralizer will play a tone, and you can adjust its intensity with the help of a circular dialer which is at the bottom of the screen.
  • Once you set the sound according to your taste, then tap on the arrow in the lower right of the graph and do the same with the next tone. Do these operations for all tones and save your changes.
  • Toggle the switch on the upper right corner of your profile to enable custom soundscape.

Increase Volume With Volume Booster App

Most equalizer apps allow Android users to enhance their device’s overall volume. We suggest you try volume booster apps. After installing and launching Volume Booster for Android, you can see the default profile which you can edit. To increase your device volumes go to the Effects tab, switch on the loudness enhancer, and move the slider to the right until you are satisfied.

For this app to work correctly, you might have to disable Android’s built-in equalizer following the below steps.

  • Go to the settings and click on the “Apps and notifications” option.
  • You will arrive now on the apps page. Here you need to tap on “All Apps” and then select “Show System apps”.
  • Scroll until you see your “Equalizer“.
  • And lastly, “Disable the equalizer” by Force Stopping it.

Usually, volume enhancer apps work best in case you want to make YouTube Videos or even audio from your MP3 player louder.

Adjust Volume From Settings

If your device audio isn’t muted and you still can’t adjust the volume, then the problem is with your volume rocker. The volume rocker is the single up-down button at the side of your phone that works back and forth.

The problem is due to the dust which is trapped in the volume rocker of your device. Or maybe it lost the connection between your hardware and the volume rocker.

If you are facing this problem, then don’t worry, you can still adjust your device volume. Simply access the settings options, and then tap on sound, and then drag the media volume slider up to its high range. It will surely help you to improve the sound quality and volume level on your phone and tablet.

Download a new music app

You can replace your default music player app from your Android which includes more control on your audio. You can try PowerAMP or alternative audio player apps for Android that come with music equalizers like preset, bass boost, and more features like.


So these are the solutions to how to increase volume level On Android Phones and tablets. I hope these solutions give you the right results.

Hope you enjoy reading this article. If you have more solutions related to that, then provide them in the comment section. Keep in touch with TheAndroidPortal for the latest updates related to Android.

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