Want to update emojis on an Android smartphone or tablet? Here is the complete guide for you if you’re excited to try some new emojis during a conversation with your friends and family. Read this post till the end, and you will get to know how to get cool emojis or update emojis on Android smartphones or tablets.

Emojis are one of the most popular and demanded designs that come in the Android keyboards. The demand for these cool and new Emojis increases day by day.

No chat is completed on Android devices without Emojis symbols. Emojis are the things that help users showcase their emotions and feelings in the best way possible during a conversation. Moreover, Emojis add extra fun to your old annoying texts. And the Emojis also flair the true emotions of the person.

Not every Android phone needs to support similar Emojis, but don’t be disappointed we have various options and solutions to help you get some cool emojis. The two possible solutions to get the trendiest Emojis in your Android smartphone are to update your operating system and the third-party apps.

If you are on the older version of Android and want to get Emojis on your device, then third-party apps are a great solution. There are plenty of emoji applications on the Google Play Store, but we already selected the best and trendy application for you.

So, Let’s add more fun to your conversations and chat and start exploring Emojis Applications in the sections below.

An Ultimate Guide To Update Emojis On Android

Solution 1: Get Fresh Emojis With Operating System Update

After every system update, your Android phone adds new and latest features to your device. It also updated lots of Emojis on the keyboard of the phone. So, if you want to get the latest Emojis collection, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Check your phone’s operating system and update it to the latest version.

Step 2: Once the system updates successfully, open any instant messaging app.

Step 3: Then, open the keyboard and check whether new Emojis are added to the collection or not.

Solution 2: Third-Party Apps

Here is a collection of some popular apps that can help you explore and use some cool emojis.

Rage Faces

Rage Faces

Rage Faces is one of the best emoji apps with dozens of new Emojis. This app comes with a huge collection of smileys, memes, trolls, stickers, etc. You can easily send these hilarious faces to your friends, along with annoying text messages. So, let’s dive into how to send Emojis to others.

Step 1: Download and install the “Rage Faces” apps on your Android device.

Step 2: Open the app and select the Emoji that you want to share.

Step 3:Long Press on the Emoji” and choose the name of the person from the pop-up menu.

Rage Faces
Rage Faces
Developer: Emojibook
Price: Free



Bitmoji is the other most demanded Emoji app on the list. This app helps in creating custom Emojis from the person’s avatar. With this app, you can create any style and emoticons of your face and can easily customize it according to your choice. Let’s take a look at how to use it.

Step 1: Install the “Bitmoji” app from Google Play store

Step 2: Open the app, and sign in with your “Snapchat Account” or with your “Email ID.”

Step 3: Grant all the permissions and start creating your Emoji.

Step 4: Once done, you have noticed your cartoon avatar in lots of funny ways.

Step 4: Open the Bitmoji that you want to share.

Step 5: Then, on the open screen, you will notice various app options to share Bitmoji like WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail, and all.

Step 6: Select any of the above options and share your Bitmoji.

Developer: Bitmoji
Price: Free



Fleksy is a smart keyboard app with dozens of the latest stickers and GIFs. We chose this app because it is one of the fully loaded Emojis keyboard apps with lots of great themes, GIFs and all. This Fleksy keyboard is much better than your standard keyboard. So, let’s take a look at how to use it.

Step 1: Download the “Fleksy” app from the Google Play store.

Step 2: Open the app and set “Fleksy” as your default keyboard app.

Step 3: Once done, Open any keyboard-supported app and start sharing Emojis and GIFs with others. (image 4)

Wrap Up

So, those are the ways to update Emojis on the Android device. We hope you enjoy the above Emojis app and start sharing your emotions with friends and family.

So, that’s all for now and that’s how to update emojis on Android. Thanks for spending your valuable time. We hope now you can update Emojis on Android and start sharing the latest Emojis collection with others. For the latest updates, do follow us on The Android Portal website and stay tuned with us.

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