Want to turn off screen overlay on Samsung Galaxy S8? If yes, your search ends here. Users pop up an interesting issue on Samsung Galaxy S8 phones screen overlay error. This is a common issue and is detected in Android Marshmallow or later versions of all Samsung phones, including Samsung Galaxy S8. So, today in this guide, we will understand how to turn off the screen overlay on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Screen overlay is a frustrating issue that prevents users from using some apps. It is the function that allows some apps to appear on top of other apps. Not all Samsung users face this issue, but still, this issue is still prevalent on social media forums. Screen overlay error in Samsung Galaxy S8 is caused due to the use of multiple apps. These apps overlay them over one another and cause screen overlay errors.

In simple terms, screen overlay is an issue in which one app covers another app completely. The best example of screen overlay is Facebook Messenger. The messenger chat head bubbles appear on the screen when you switch the apps. It is called overlaying. Other apps use this feature in different ways. You have to permit the other apps because of security reasons. It allows third-party applications to be installed in Android, and it may result in security breaches.

That’s why screen overlay is not popular and secure among users. Your sensitive data is at high risk if you turn on this feature in your device. It is essential to solve this issue immediately to keep your data and device safe. Read our article further to know how to turn off the screen overlay on the Samsung Galaxy S8. Without wasting a minute, let’s take a quick look at the steps below.

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Steps To Turn Off Screen Overlay On Samsung Galaxy S8

Here is the step-by-step guide to resolve this issue and turn off the screen overlay function in the Samsung Galaxy S8. Follow these steps and get ready to turn off this irritating feature.

Step 1: Go ahead and open the “Settings Menu” from the home screen apps or notification tray.
Step 2: Scroll down the settings menu until you see the “Apps” option. Once done, tap on the App section to open.
Step 3: After that three-dot icon at the top right corner of the screen.
Step 4: From the list, click on “Special Access
Step 5: Now, click on “System Apps” to see a complete list of applications that offer this feature.
Step 6: Now, again, search for the app that creates issues.
Step 7: Once done, tap on the apps one by one and “Switch Off the Screen Overlay Toggles”.
Step 8: Once completed, you are done, and from now the screen overlay won’t appear unless you turn it on again.

Final Words

So that’s all with the step-by-step guide on how to turn off screen overlay on the Samsung Galaxy S8. By following the above steps, you can quickly eradicate the screen overlay issue not from Samsung mobile phones only but also from Lenovo, Motorola, and other phones that create the same issue.

That’s all for now, and thanks for reading this post on The Android Portal. We hope now your phone runs smoothly without any problems. Do follow us for the latest post, and stay tuned.

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