While typing a message, are you annoyed with the keyboard vibration and sounds? Not only you, but all of the users also annoys with the sound and vibration while typing. This problem mostly comes after the updates in the device. So, the best option to get rid of this is the turning off the keyboard sounds and vibrates. Because of some owners of the mobile wants silent typing. Not all the users, but many of knows that how to turn off keyboard sound on the Android smartphone. But, what is for the new users of Android smartphone?

So, here we will also discuss a process of how to turn off keyboard sound. By using which, you can quickly do that. This process is also applicable for any Android-powered tablets.

How to turn off keyboard sound on Android

Now, have a look at the detailed method of how to turn off keyboard sound and vibration.

  • Launch the menu from the smartphone and go to the Settings of it.
  • Here, tap on the Language and Input option, which is under of personal tag.

how to turn off keyboard sound on android

  • Then, go to the Android keyboard (AOSP) option.
  • On the very next display, there are some options also for you. In which, click on the Preferences.

turn off keyboard sounds on android

  • Then, tap on the toggle of Sound on keypress and Popup on keypress one-by-one.

After that, go to the app which needs typing like messages, Whatsapp, etc. And try to type something, and the sound is completely off. By using this easy method, you will be able to turn off the sounds and vibration of the Keyboard. So, do not irritate while typing and only turn off the sounds.

We hope that this process will surely help you to do so on your smartphone. Also, share this useful trick with other Android users to help them.

Mukesh Chauhan
Mukesh Chauhan is an Engineering Student, who loves to write about technology and gadgets. Currently he is studying and working as an Editor on Theandroidportal.com