How to Disable Developer Options on Android phone

You might have enabled developer option to access some extra features on your smartphone. E.g. To disable mock location or to enable USB debugging mode.  Now a thing comes in your mind that, you have allowed developer option on your phone. But you don’t want it to keep enabled on your phone. As someone might change in your developer setting and you don’t want anyone to access this option. Check below steps on how you can quickly turn off developer mode on your Android phone.

how to turn off developer mode

How To Turn Off Developer Mode On Android

Want to disable Developer option on your phone? You just need to follow these simple steps to disable developer option on your Android tablet or phone. To turn off Developer options, you need to clear your phone’s settings app data from application manager.

Steps to Turn off developer mode

  • Go to “Setting” of your Android Smartphone/tablet
  • Scroll down and Choose “Apps” (Application Manager)
  • In the Apps, Swipe to “All” Section
  • In the All section, scroll down and Select “Settings” and open it
  • in the Setting App Info section, tap on “Clear Data” button

Check out our video guide on how you can easily disable or enable developer option from your android smartphones.

This will erase Setting App data from your Android Smartphone. Also it will disable or hide Developer Options on your device. if you want to complete remove developer option from your smartphone, you will need to restore factory data on your phone.

Last Updated On: October 5, 2017

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