Samsung is one of the most trusted smartphone manufacturer companies among all the manufacturers. Apart from the smartphone, the services of this company are also as good as their devices.

Samsung is launching all the smart devices along with great features. Among all the devices, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is also one of the good devices. There is no doubt about the performance, but even after that, some users do not know about some settings. So, here we will discuss how to turn off autocorrect on a Galaxy s6 phone.

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While it does not mean that the autocorrect is a wasteful feature of the S6. The autocorrect is a great feature of your Samsung Galaxy S6 phone keyboard. In some other Android devices, this feature comes with a different name, Predictive Text. If you know how to use this feature, then it becomes a useful feature. Nowadays, this keyboard feature comes with all the latest smartphone devices.

The autocorrect will help you when you are in a hurry and want to type. At that time, just type one or two characters, and this feature will automatically give you the closest words. It also makes your typing too easy.

It also helps you whenever and wherever you are typing the wrong word mistakenly. But, there are also some users, who don’t like this feature.

If you don’t like this feature at all, then the best solution is that make it turn off. So, for those users, we are here to come up with a solution.

How to Turn Off Autocorrect on Galaxy S6

To make this process of disabling autocorrect too easy, we will discuss two processes. As per your wish, you can use any from both. So, now have a look at it and use it to turn off predictive text on your Samsung Galaxy S6 mobile.

Using the Keyboard of Samsung Galaxy S6 Smartphone:

  • Now, open any app that needs to type. Like Create Message, Compose an email, WhatsApp, Google Play Store, and more.
  • Wait till the keyboard appears on the display. Then, on the left side of the space bar, there is one key which is known as Dictation Key. Its symbol is like a mike. Tap and hold that key for a while. After that, it shows you some options.
  • Here, tap on the option that looks like Gear. It is the option of Settings for the keyboard.
  • Then, tap on the Predictive text option which comes under the Smart Typing tag.
  • On the next display, you can see a toggle at the top right corner of the display. Now, to turn off this option, just tap on that toggle.

By doing so, you can turn off the keyboard autocorrect feature on your Samsung S6 smart mobile. If you think that this solution is a little bit difficult, then go ahead with the next solution.

Using the Settings of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Smartphone:

  • First of all, open the Settings of your Galaxy S6 smartphone.
  • Now, here go to the option of Language and input which comes under the tag of Input and Control.
  • Then, under the section on Keyboards and input methods, you should see the Samsung keyboard option. Tap on this option.
  • On the next display, the Predictive text option is located under the Smart typing tag. Now, tap here to go into the option.
  • On the top right corner of the display, you should see a toggle with a green colour light. It shows you that this option is currently enabled on your mobile phone.
  • Now, to disable it, just tap on that toggle. By doing so, you can easily make this autocorrect feature disabled. With tapping on the toggle, instantly the toggle colour will be converted into white colour. While it shows you that the feature is presently disabled on your device.

So, here we have completed both the ways by which you can easily disable the autocorrect feature.

Here, we have shown the solutions for the Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone. But, what about other Android users who also want to disable this feature? Don’t worry about other users, because, for all other Android users, this process of solution is almost the same.

We hope that the discussion on how to turn off autocorrect on the Galaxy S6 smartphone will be very helpful to you. If it works for you, then also share it with others who need it much.

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