Want to buy products from Amazon after reading reviews? Wanna know how to spot fake Amazon reviews? Wait, and read our article carefully for more details on that matter. Today in our article, we will discuss how to spot fake Amazon reviews.

If you are confused about buying the product, you first check reviews of the product and then make decisions, whether it is good or bad. But my question is: Are these reviews original, or it is fake? How to actually we spot fake Amazon Reviews? Even we don’t know whether these reviews are original or fake because no one can easily understand the reviewer’s mind or emotions.

Amazon is one of the biggest tech companies in the world. And everyone can shop for dozens of products from this platform. It’s always smart to check the ratings and customer reviews on Amazon products, but sometimes customer reviews mislead us and should be scrutinized to ensure that they are honest. We always find these reviews accurate, but sometimes there are some fake reviews because of scams and intentional spread of misinformation.

Amazon fake reviews are still found in high numbers, so if you are not careful, they might trap you in buying inferior quality products. So what can we do to avoid this situation? How do we find fake reviews? We have answered all your questions below so, without further ado, let’s take a look at the additional information.

How to Spot Fake Amazon Reviews?

To spot fake Amazon reviews, first look for the common signs of fakes. Here is the list below:

How To Spot Fake Amazon Reviews.


Examine The Tone and Length of the Review

If the review is too short, then it may be fake. And if the review is vague and does not contain a product description, then the review may not be genuine.

Check Whether The Reviewer Has Written Other Reviews

If the person writes reviews regularly or on every purchase of a product, then the review is genuine. But if the person does not periodically write a review, then it may not be real.

To check whether a person has written other reviews or not just click on see all my reviews next to the reviewer’s name, and you find that the reviewer has written the other reviews or not.

Check Whether The Item Was A Verified Purchase

While checking reviews, you also want to check whether the reviewer purchased the item from Amazon or not, if yes then there will be an orange verified purchase notation under the reviewer’s name and date.

Look For The Positive Review Without Any Particular Details

If the reviewer says that the product is excellent but does not explain why then the review may be fake. On the other hand, reviews that contain detailed information with the pros and cons are genuine.

Use Fake Spot

The Fake Spot is a free online service specifically designed for detecting counterfeit reviews on online sites and spotting fake Amazon Reviews. Using the service is very easy; you need to paste the URL of the product and wait until the system generates all fake users.

The Fakespot uses various factors to create results like mismatched dates, purchasing patterns, errors in spelling and punctuation etc.

Use ReviewMeta

ReviewMeta is another tool to spot fake Amazon reviews. It works pretty much similar to a fake spot. It also requires the URL of the product to identify the fake reviewers. It means the tool generates a rating without questionable reviews.


So, here are the guidelines on how to spot fake reviews on Amazon. A five-star rating on Amazon doesn’t mean that the product is excellent as the reviewers describe it.

You can use the above tool to know fake users or look for the common signs of a fake. That’s all for now and thanks for reading this post. We hope you enjoy reading this article. For more updates do follow us and stay tuned with us at The Android Portal.

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