Nowadays, there are so many Social Networking Sites working. They all provide many of the facilities to convince and attract their users towards them. Social sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Viber, and many more. All of them come with great features. They are also providing updates to their respective app periodically.

However, except for some regular users, anybody does not have an idea how to sign out of Viber. So, to make them aware of it, here, we will discuss the process of signing out of Viber.

But, before we move on, we would like to share with you some features of this Viber app. Viber is an entirely free app that is readily available in the Google Play Store for Android users. It is also available for iOS and Windows at their respective Stores. The Viber app is a free messaging app that allows you to make conversation with your friends and groups. By using this app, you can also send audio, videos, and images to your conversation.

In short, it is a full-featured Social Messaging app. But, although it, some users are unaware of how to sign out of Viber. So, here we will discuss the process by which you can quickly sign out from Viber. Now, get a look at that and keep enjoying the Viber.

How to Sign Out of Viber?

To sign out of Viber, you must follow the steps below on your device in this app.

  • First of all, launch the menu on your smartphone and open the Viber app.
  • Then, tap on the three horizontal lines(Option/Menu), which are about Menu.
  • Here, you should see some options; tap on the last option of Exit.

After following the above steps, You are done. But remember that this process will end all the Viber processes for a temporary period. It will not permanently close the service.

We hope that this guide will help you a lot to learn how to sign out of Viber. Suppose you have any other Viber app-related problems, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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