Is your touch not working on your Apple Watch? Well, you can ask why because there are a lot of people out there having problems with their touch when they’re trying to do a lot of work with that Apple watch, but it is not working, so if you’re having this problem, then we suggest some way to fix Apple Watch not working problem.

How To Fix Apple Watch Touch Screen Not Working

Your Apple Watch is not just a regular watch but a smartwatch that has its own software. Apple Watch runs an operating system called WatchOS, which Apple has developed specifically for their smartwatches. The touch screen doesn’t work on your watch because there’s an issue with this operating system.

How To Fix Apple Watch

Operating system issues are rare. However, after they do occur, they forestall you from playing several tasks on your devices. In your case, your system has frozen actions for the touch screen. An easy way to fix this is to update the WatchOS version of your Apple Watch. Here we tend to show the way to do it.

Step 1: Plug your Apple Watch into charging while the update process is running.
Step 2: Launch the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and tap the tab called My Watch.
Step 3: To update the WatchOS version Select the General option after the software update.
Step 4: Your iPhone will now download the update. When the update is downloaded, it will be installed on your Apple Watch.

Restart Your Apple Smartwatch

As you know Apple tends to be pretty reliable, but the thing is, sometimes people are facing their touch is not working at all. So if you guys are having this problem, we’re about to tell you how you can solve this problem.

So what you can do first of all is very simple. If you see that your touch is entirely unresponsive, it is not even working at all. The first thing you need to follow the steps:

Restart Your Apple Smartwatch

Step 1: Restart your order to give it a force restart on your Apple Watch
Step 2: Now to do that, go ahead and press the crown button and the part button together
Step 3: Keep holding it until you see that the Apple logo appears on your Apple Watch
Step 4: Now release this button as soon as you see that the Apple logo is appearing on your Apple Watch

All right, after giving it a force restart on your Apple Watch your problem is solved.

Upgrade Your Apple Watch by Using Your iPhone

Still, your Apple Watch touchscreen is not responding. Then I will suggest that the following solution is a quick upgrade to your Apple Watch by using your iPhone.

Remove The Apple Watch And Pair It Again With The iPhone

Step 1: Leave this Apple Watch right over there and go ahead and grab your iPhone.
Step 2: Go ahead and open your Apple Watch apps on your iPhone
Step 3: Then all you can do is tap the general
Step 4: Now just come over here and then tap software update
Step 5: Check if their new software is available for your Apple Watch or not
Step 6: If new software is available, then update your Apple Watch


If you’re still having this problem on your Apple Watch, well, that could be the problem with the hardware-related issues on your Apple Watch. Well, even that happens most of the time when people break their Apple watch, or you know, drop out of their Apple Watch a couple of times, maybe because they have a little bit of problem with their display.

They can have some hardware damage. In that case, you need to take your Apple Watch to Apple Care; hopefully, they will fix your problem.

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