As drone technology continues to grow in popularity, more and more people are interested in using them for recreational or professional purposes. However, not everyone knows how to control a drone using their phone.

In this article, we will guide you through the basics of controlling a drone with your phone so that you can start enjoying the benefits of this amazing technology!

How To Control A Drone With Your Phone?

How To Control A Drone With Your Phone?

Steps To Connect Your Drone To Your Phone Are:

Download the mobile app for your particular make and model of drone.

1. Turn on “Drone.”

2. Go to your phone’s “Wifi Settings” and attach it to “your Drone’s network.”

3. Enter your “Drone’s mobile application” and follow the installation, calibration, and design procedures.

4. “Start flying!”

Some of the multiple popular drone brands are listed down with their brand-specific mobile apps and connection steps.

Need To Attach Your Drone To Your Phone?

It ultimately depends on the drone you have. Some drones are meant to be handled entirely with a phone.

Some allow for a phone and a controller, and some only require a controller. Your drone will have a compatible phone app that can connect your phone to your drone.

The Multiple Common Reasons For Using A Phone Connected To Your Drone Are:

First-Person View: See what the drone sees as it flies. This only sometimes means you hold the drone with your mobile; some drones will have a control with a clip for your phone to provide a screen.

GPS Controls: Many of today’s drones have autonomous capabilities such as active tracking, tracing a flight path, or even returning home. All of this is relatively easy to control with a GPS and phone.

Flight Controls: Some drones allow you to use your phone as the controller. With onscreen controls overlaid on the first-person video, you can fly your drone without a separate controller.

Configuration and diagnostic data: Another function of most drone apps is the capability to set up and configure the drone with your phone and extract diagnostic data.

The most familiar scenarios are wanting to connect your drone’s camera to your phone or to control your drone with your phone.

How Do I Link My Drone Camera To My Mobile?

The first thing that your drone has is a camera. I seriously had to ask. Is the drone camera connected to the phone?

If your drone comes with a camera, your drone has a mobile app. Download the mobile app for your drone.

So, after turning on your drone, go to your mobile’s wifi settings and attach it to your drone’s wifi network. Once connected, log into your drone’s mobile app and complete the setup and configuration steps.

Once all is complete, you should be able to consider the live video feed from your drone. Now you can fly with confidence while seeing what the drone sees. Many drone apps also allow for video recording, autonomous flight modes, and more.

How Can I Handle My Drone With My Phone?

You will first need to download your drone’s phone app, turn on your drone, and connect to your wifi web with your mobile. If you have a DJI or equal drone that requires your phone to be used with a controller, you may also need to connect your phone to the controller.

Flying your drone with your phone is great, but getting used to the onscreen controls can take some time. Also, remember that your range is limited by the wifi signal created by your drone.

How To Connect A Drone To An Android Phone?

If you have an Android phone, you can connect your drone as follows:

1. Open the Play Store and “download your drone’s respective app.

2. “Turn on” your drone.

3.Go to “Settings & Network &Internet & Wi-Fi.”

4. Choose your drone’s “wifi network” and connect with the passphrase supplied with your drone’s manual.

5. “Login to” the phone app and complete the installation and configuration steps.

6. “Fly!”

How To Connect A Drone To iPhone?

If you are on an iPhone, then you can set your drone as follows:

1. Open the App Store and “download the app” for your drone.

2. “Turn on” your drone.

3. Go to “Settings & wifi.”

4. Select your Drone’s “wifi network” and click with the passphrase provided in your drone’s manual.

5. “Login to” the phone app and complete the installation, calibration, and configuration steps.

6. Have “fun flying!”

Can You Use A Drone Without WiFi?

Absolutely! But it would help if you had a drone with radio control. As long as you have control like the Taranis QX7, you can fly a drone as much as you like without wifi because your control uses radio waves.

Wifi is only needed to connect your phone to your drone. This is required for most autonomous flight features and flowing video from your drone for a first-person flight experience and video recording. Some drones are controlled via mobile apps only, so wifi is required.

However, there is a notable distinction. When you connect to your drone via wifi, you have nothing to do with your home network or anything like that. You are attaching directly to your drone’s wifi.

How Do I Connect My Remote Control To My Drone?

So, if you want to fly without WiFi and use the remote control, you still need to connect the remote controller to your drone.

Each drone and controller has its specific format process. Some require a mobile app, and others require pressing and holding a button to pair the remote with the drone.

Check your manual to see how your drone and remote setup work. You can also refer to Google with a search like “how to connect [insert model of your remote] to [insert model of your drone].”

My Drone Won’t Connect To Wifi

If you’re having trouble connecting to your drone’s wifi, you can try several things. If your drone has an onboard wifi switch, try turning it off and on again.

If your drone’s wifi network does not appear on your phone, try turning your phone off and on again. We hope one of these solutions works for you.

My Drone Won’t Connect To My Phone

If you’ve successfully connected to your drone’s WiFi but can’t see the mobile app connecting to the drone, there are a few things to try. Make sure you turn everything on and plug things in the correct order according to the instructions in the manual.

Some of these mobile apps are special, and reinstalling the app will fix the problem. If you’re still having trouble connecting your drone to your mobile, contact support to see if that can help resolve the issue.

Connecting The Drone To Your Phone Is Easy!

Fortunately, connecting your drone to your phone is easy for drone manufacturers. And keeping mobile apps bug-free is difficult because every phone model behaves differently, and OS versions change frequently.

If you have a relatively up-to-date mobile, quality drone like the Mavic Air 2, download the latest version of your drone’s phone app. You should have no problem connecting your drone to your mobile and enjoying all the features your drone has to offer!


Here we are at the end of the article. You must think that it is simple to operate a drone with your phone.

Well, not really! Your drone may come with its controller, but you can still control it with your smartphone.

It can be quite hard at first since drones are not used to being controlled by someone on the ground but keep practicing, and soon you will get the hang of it.

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