Google Play service is the most popular Android app store that provides free or paid apps, movies, music, games, and much more. You can find all free and paid games and apps on the Google Play store for your Android smartphone. But many applications & games are asking you to pay for downloading or installing.

Google Play Store allows you to download games and apps with just one click, but some applications are paid. You might come here because you are looking for a Free Google Play Credit Code. Here we would like to give you some tips that will help you to get a Free Google Play Promo Code without paying anything.

How to check your Google Play store balance:

  • Open the Google Play Store App on your smartphone
  • Now click on the “Setting” button and choose the “My Account” option
  • Here you can see your account balance in the “Payment Method” option

How to add credit to your Google Play Store Account:

  • Open the Google Play Store app on your smartphone
  • Now click on the “Setting” button, then select the “My Account” option
  • Click on the Add Credit Card or Debit Card option to add money to your account

How to use your Google Play Store credit while downloading apps or games

  • Open the Google Play Store application on your Android smartphone
  • Now you have to choose an application that you want to buy
  • Here you can see the “Buy” button to download an application or game
  • Now, click on the continue option and Choose the payment option to complete the process

Here we have mentioned some Android apps that help you to get Free Google Play Redeem Codes.

If you are looking for Free Google Play Redeem Codes No Survey, you will need to add a credit balance using your card. But you can use the below apps for surveys and download other apps, and you will get a free Google Play credit code as an incentive from the app provider.

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Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is an Android app developed by Google Consumer Surveys. The Google Opinion Rewards app is the best alternative to get Google Play Store credit for FREE.

Google Opinion Rewards - Google Play Gift Card Codes
Google Play Gift Card Codes

With this app, you don’t need to add credit to your Play Store account using your credit or debit card. The Google Opinion Rewards app sends you completely free surveys that pay you up to $1.00 indirectly in your Google Play store account.

The survey questions are very easy and relevant. If you complete any survey, you will get paid for this in your Play Store account. The good thing is that this app is supported on almost all smartphones and tablets.

Google Opinion Rewards
Google Opinion Rewards
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Several apps gave you Google Play credits in the past but most of them have been removed recently by Play Store.

We hope this guide about how to get free Google Play money has helped you. Do share your views and experience with any other app or tutorial in the comments below to help our readers.

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