Want to format your SD card from android smartphones or tablet? Check out this very basic tips that help you on how to format sd card easily using following steps. Formatting an SD card is necessary when you feel your android smartphone is running slow. Sometimes, you can speed up your device using some apps like cleanmaster, while sometimes you can not speed up your device.

This happens when you have connected your android smartphone to a computer that is having a virus or contagious files in it. This way, those virus containing files will move to your smartphone or on an SD card. But when you format your SD card, those affected files will also be cleaned up from your SD card.  Check out below steps on how to format SD card on android smartphones or tablet devices.

How to Format SD card

  • From home screen Press menu > Go to setting
  • Scroll down to SD or storage option
  • First, unmount your SD card, so existing apps or data will be stop using your SD card data
  • Tap on erase option & you will see format SD card or Erase external storage option from there
  • Will it confirm you do you want to erase SD card? Will you lose all data on the card?

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Please note that when you click on erase external storage, it won’t do anything. You will need to unmount your external storage first in order to format your memory card. Once you unmount it, you will be able to erase SD card content from there.

Once you press on erase SD card, it will take a little time and then your SD card will be wiped. All data stored on your SD card will be wiped off.

Check out below video on How to format your SD card published by phonebuff on YouTube.

It is recommended that you backup your SD card on a computer or another USB drive so that you won’t lose your useful photographs and video files stored on your memory card.

We hope that this article on how to format memory card in android has helped you. Do share your views in the comments below.

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