How to Fix Package File is Invalid Google Play Store Error

There are numerous android apps available on Google Play Store that help you to use your smartphone like a pro. But sometimes you will get “Package File is Invalid” error. You might be reading this article because you are looking for what does package file invalid mean. Well, this error normally comes when you’re downloading and installing any android application from Google Play Store.

This occurs for any apps you are downloading, suppose you are downloading whatsapp, you might also get Whatsapp Installation Problems Android saying whatsapp package file is invalid or something like this.The same error comes on bluestack, while you are downloading any apps on your bluestack. Here in this tutorial, we will discuss about how to fix package file is invalid. 

This mainly occurs because of cache data on your Play Store. Here is how you can clear your play store data to fix Package File is invalid Android error.

Package File is invalid Android
Package File is invalid Android

How to Fix Package File Invalid Error by clearing cache data

  • First of all, open “Setting” on the phone
  • Scroll down and find “Applications” option and open it
  • In the list, you have to choose “Google Play Store” application
  • Tap on “Google Play Store” application to open it
  • Here you can see “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data” button(You have to press both buttons one by one)
  • After Clear application data or Cache Data

In simple step, you can resolve your Android Application Package File invalid error from below.

Go to Setting >> Applications  >> All  >> Google Play Store  >> Clear Cache” or “Clear Data”

Now restart your smartphone and try downloading some apps from play store. You will notice that your Invalid File Type error on play store has gone. 

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