HTC One Not Charging – Here is How to Fix it

Nowadays, there are so many competitors are available for the smartphone devices. To launch the smartphone devices, more than 15 companies are in competition. The number of the competitors are also increasing day-by-day. Among which, HTC is also one of the trustworthy smartphone manufacturers for the most of the people. All the HTC smart devices are coming with the excellent specs and features as well. But, some HTC One smartphone users have complained that the device is not charging properly after sometimes of use. So, what to do if HTC One not charging properly?

To get rid of this issue of the HTC One device, here we are coming with the solution of it. Most of the users have also noticed that the phone goes automatically off while charging. And the phone will not turn on even after putting it into charging. If you try to turn on the device forcefully, even then the display remains same. At that time, you will have to take some actions on the device to fix this issue. More from that, here, we are going to show you the way by which you can easily fix this issue. Now, have a look at the fix and keep charging your HTC One smartphone.

How to Fix HTC One not Charging?

Here, we will discuss an easy process, by which you can fix the HTC One Not charging issue. You will have to follow below process correctly to get rid of the issue.

  1. First of all, press and hold the Power key, Volume Up key, and Volume Down key simultaneously for 15 seconds. Then leave it. After awhile, the HTC One device will vibrate and restart regularly.
  2. Now, try to charge the HTC One smartphone. At this time, your smart device may be going to charge.

If your HTC One smartphone does not give a response, even after pressing those three keys, then what to do? Then, you have to follow some other easy steps, by which, your device may charge.

  • Make sure that the power outlet you are using for the charging is working correctly or not. For the test of it, you have to plug in other devices in the same power outlet. By doing so, you can check that the power outlet is working correctly or not.
  • After that, now its time to check the charger. Put the other smartphone devices to charging with the same charger. See that if the same charger charges the other devices, then it makes the charger test complete. You can also try a new HTC One charger for the speed improvement in the charging speed.
  • Now, try to charge your device with the same charger that came with the phone. At that time, never try to charge the device using the Laptop or PC. Because it may produce some critical issue within the smartphone. If you try it, then you should notice that the charging rate is less with compared to the wall charger.
  • After that, wait until the RED light goes enable. It may take awhile for that. Now, to turn on the HTC device, press the power button. If your phone does not turn on, then follow the same step that we mentioned above in the first process. By this, your HTC One smartphone is going to re-calibrate. Then, your device may power on. Also of that, your device will charge up correctly.

Even after that, if you don’t see any improvement yet, the there may be some problem with the battery. At that time, it is much better to replace the old battery with the newer battery of the HTC mobile. Also of that, you can also change the charger of the device, if it does not work. After all, it is the matter of choice, whether you change the battery or the charger.

So, if you have faced such battery and charging issue on your HTC One device, then try above fix. It will lead to getting rid of from the charging issue and power on the issue of the HTC smartphone. We hope that this discussion will be very useful to you to fix such battery problems. If you seem that it works for you, then also share it with others who need it more than you.