This is a most common error in the Android devices. Error 491 is preventing to download any android application from Google Play Store. So you might face issue while downloading any app from Google Play Store, it will not allow you to download your favorite app, instead, it will show you 491 error. In this article, we are going to discuss How to Fix Error 491 on any Android smartphone device. 

How To Fix Google Play Error 491

What is error 491?

Mostly this occurs with samsung low end smartphones. So this might be helpful article to resolve Error 491 on Samsung Phone too.We have two methods on How to Fix Error 491, mentioned below.

Method 1: Remove and Configure Google account on smartphone

  • Go to “Setting > Accounts
  • Now, Choose “Google” option and press it (In the bottom of the page you can see “Remove Account” button)
  • Now, You have to press “Remove Account” button to remove google account from smartphone
  • After removing Google account, restart your smartphone
  • Now you have to configure Google account and open play store to downloading application

You can also add another Gmail account to your smartphone, and open play store from that account. That might work sometimes.

Method 2: Clear Cache and App data

  • Go to “Setting” on your device
  • Tap on “Applications” menu to open it
  • Then, Find and open “Google Play Store” application option in the list
  • Now Find and press “Clear data” and “Clear Cache” buttons In the “Google Play Store” option. Full details mentioned here in this article.

Note: You have to press both buttons one by one.

  • Now, go back and restart your smartphone and try to download the application from Google Play Store. It must solve your Android Error 491 Google Play store.

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