You might have added your Gmail account to your smartphone to use it. All of us know we can sync android contacts with Gmail account to retrieve them back as a backup. We can use GCloud backup tool to backup almost everything from our smartphone to cloud. But what if you have two or more Gmail accounts and you want to use that with the same device, is that possible? Check out this article about how to set up a second Gmail account on Android smartphones.

Well, I would say yes, because if we are able to use two Facebook account on Smartphone, why we are not able to add another Gmail account on android & use two or more Gmail accounts.

How to create second Gmail account

how to set up a second gmail account
how to set up a second Gmail account

The process is simple, when you format your android, it will ask you to add your Gmail account credential there. At that time, you were able to add your Gmail accounts, or you can configure your Gmail account on android later. If you choose to add Gmail account android device later or skip that option, you would be able to add a Gmail account to android using this tutorial.

First of all, go to setting option, there click on add account. You will see a number of accounts you can add to your device. Like chat On(for Samsung), Dropbox (if installed,), Facebook, Gmail etc. Choose Google account from there. If you want to associate your existing Google account with your Android device, you can choose an existing option.

You can also create new Google account for Android smartphone by choosing a new option and then sign up for Google account easily. It will ask you step by step procedure to proceed. You can directly use any number of Gmail account with your default Gmail android app.

If you want to Change Primary Gmail Account Android, you just need to remove the default account from your smartphone and create another Gmail account to your smartphone. If you are facing automatic apps download issue on your device, you should go to Android Gmail Account Settings & Change Primary Gmail Account. It helps a lot.

If you are using more two gmail account, it’s not against gmail TOS, but  if you are creating multiple gmail user accounts for spoofing, spamming, or scamming others, then you are violating the ToS. Otherwise, have as many Gmail accounts as you wish!

If you find any problem while setting up your android smartphone, feel free to comment below with your query. Refer to video on how you can Add New Gmail Account to your android smartphone.

You can also create a second Gmail account and configure it on your smartphone if you have any issue with your current Gmail account configured with your device.

If you have already your Gmail account and just want to configure it with your Android smartphone, here is the quick way to do so.

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