Want to how to delete Picasa pictures from your Samsung smartphone? If you are looking for how do you delete pictures from Picasa, then check out this interesting article on how to quickly delete photos from Picasa below.

Deleting Picasa Web Album from Samsung Devices

Whenever you create or setup Google account with Android device, if your Google account is synced with your device and syncing Picasa web album is enabled, you might be able to see your Picasa photos on your device’s Gallery. If you want getting rid of Picasa photos from your smartphone, this guide will be helpful to remove Picasa on Samsung galaxy s5.

How To Delete Picasa Photos From Samsung Galaxy S5

If you want to Remove Picasa from Galaxy S5 device, here is the guide on how to Delete Picasa Photos From Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone device.
How to delete Picasa web albums from Samsung smartphone
  • Go to Settings > select Accounts and Sync option from there.
  • Now select Google and under that, uncheck “Sync Picasa Web Albums“.
  • Now again go to Setting and go to Application Manager
  • From All tab you will need to find Gallery when you click on it, you would see an option to Clear Data.
  • After clearing data, let your Gallery refresh, and you would not be able to see Picasa photos from your Gallery.

Here is a simple guide on how to Delete Pictures from Samsung Galaxy S5. Delete Picasa Albums on Samsung devices are almost same to same but differ as per device’s menu options.

For more tutorial on how to Delete Picasa Photos from Gallery from your Samsung Galaxy S5 device,

Refer below video on how to remove Picasa photos from smartphone

Alternatively, you can Remove Picasa from Galaxy s5 devices using this tiny tip. Only go into gallery app.In the right-hand, upper corner is the vertical dots. Press that, and a drop screen will open. Choose ‘content to display‘. Uncheck Picasa and voila! You will not see Picasa Photos on your devices.

If you think by clearing data will delete original pictures or videos from Gallery, it will not effect it. It will not erase your images or videos from Gallery. It just clears the cache image data from your gallery that was synced with your Google Picasa Album.

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  1. Won’t clearing the data delete all tour other pictures you’ve recently taken from your camera? I want to delete the Picasa folder only..

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