Peoples are using smartphones in day to day use as well as for business too. Some users use smartphones for the purposes like listening music, watching videos, sending messages and much more. One of the best use of the smartphone device is to use the internet. With the help of the smartphone, you can easily use the internet by turning on the data connection of the device. The Wi-Fi is another best option to use the internet via smart devices. Here, we are also coming with the discussion on wifi signal booster for android devices.

The Wi-Fi is best and highly efficient option to use the internet via smart devices. Nowadays, the WiFi is available everywhere. For example at homes, at hotels, at schools and colleges, at malls etc. By using the WiFi option, android users can easily use the internet via WiFi. But the important thing about WiFi is its signal strength. If you want to use the internet at high speed via Wi-Fi, then the distance between your device and router should be minimum.

So, here we will discuss some of the tricks, which is very useful to boost up the Wi-Fi signal. By using such of tricks, you can easily boost up the Wi-Fi signal on android. All the tricks are so easy to apply.

How to Boost WiFi Signal on Android Smartphones

WiFi Signal Booster for Android :

Now, we are going to be discussed the tricks, which works as WiFi signal booster for android devices. So, now take a look at it and enjoy the maximum Wi-Fi coverage.

1.) By using an App :

This is one of the best and easy method to boost up the Wi-Fi signal. There are so many apps are available at the Google Play Store, to boost up Wi-Fi signal. But, to choose the best app is always difficult by the user. So, here we recommended the best app which called as WiFi Booster & Analyzer 2016. This WiFi Booster & Analyzer 2016 is easily available at the Play Store with free of cost.

The WiFi Booster & Analyzer 2016 app is easily compatible with all of the android powered devices. The app also has good user ratings, which is around of 4.0 out of 5.0. This app allows you to know about the WiFi networks around of you. It also contains an option of WiFi booster, by which you can easily boost up the WiFi connection.

WiFi Booster & Analyzer 2016 App
wifi signal booster for android

Some additional info about the Wi-Fi networks is also provided by this app. The info such as network SSID, Signal strength, and security, MAC address of access point, network frequency and more.

The app also provides all the info about current connection. It also allows you to know that how many WiFi networks is in range. It also has a signal chart. With the help of Signal chart, you can easily get info about the signal strength.


2.) By Changing some Basic Settings :

All the android smartphone and tablet devices come with the pre-defined Wi-Fi settings. Most of the users think that these settings are not useful. But, for your kind info, these settings also affect to your Wi-Fi and battery of the device. So, here we will discuss some little changes, which is useful to you to boost the WiFi signal.

Some smartphones have the option to avoid poor connection. First changes in Settings is that Avoid Poor Connections. After enabling the Avoid poor connections, it will avoid all the Wi-Fi connections which have poor connectivity and poor signal strength. This feature will also save your time. So, to do so,  just follow the process given below.

  • First of all, go to the “Settings” of your Android device.
  • Then, go to the “Advanced” under the option of “Wi-Fi“.
  • Now, here just tap on the box of an option of “Avoid poor connections“.

After following above process, the Wi-Fi scanner of your device will show only the networks which have good signal strength and connectivity. By forgetting the old network connections, you can also boost the WiFi signal. To do this, just visit the steps written below.

  • Go to the “Wi-Fi” by going into the “Settings“.
  • Now, go to the Saved networks. Here, tap on the connection that you want to remove.
  • Then, press on the “Forget” option to remove it.

3.) By using External Equipments :

With the help of the external equipment, you can easily boost up the WiFi signal. Most of the external equipment are easily provided by Router manufacturers. The equipment like [easyazon_link keywords=”Wi-Fi extender or repeater” locale=”US” tag=”theandroidportal07-20″]Wi-Fi extender or repeater[/easyazon_link] is used as an external device to enhance the signal of Wi-Fi connection. It will make a second network range from existing network to extend the network. It is a useful equipment for a large house as well as offices.

The another cheapest equipment is Antenna, which is used as an external device. The antenna is also used to expand the signal of Wi-Fi network. It can also be used as wifi signal booster for android devices.

4.) Update to Latest Radio :

Please do not get confused with the word Radio, because it does not mean FM radio. The Radio is in terms of the connectivity firmware of your device. For interval improvements of the device, the new firmware update is a must. It is one of the best booster things to boost up the Wi-Fi signal of android powered devices. 

5.) By Choosing Location Wisely :

The location of the router & your android powered device is also important while discussing the Wi-Fi signal. So, the router device is must be located at the effective place. The best place for Wifi router is an open environment place.

Linksys - How to maximize range, speed & router location placement
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But the router should never be placed in a corner of a home. If you want a very good signal strength of Wi-Fi connection, then it must be located at the higher place or at the open place. Never place your router at the place, where another electronic equipment is already located. Because the electronic equipment will also affect the strength of the Wi-Fi connection badly.

Do let us know what tricks or ideas do you use to increase WiFi connectivity range of your router & smartphones.