Looking for the best cigarette lighter USB chargers or merely a car charger to charge your device on the way? If yes, you landed here on the right page. Today in this article, we are going to explore the best cigarette lighter USB chargers that will charge your device anytime during your journey. 

It is a significant fact that we rely too much on our mobile devices. From playing games to listening to music, we depend on our smartphones for almost everything. We don’t leave our devices alone even while travelling. We use Google Maps and several other useful navigation apps to reach the destination, especially in the car. Or, we use Apple or Spotify music apps to listen to our favourite songs. 

Due to all these activities, your device runs out of juice at any time. There is no guarantee that your phone will remain charged on long trips until you arrive at your destination. Even the most giant phone batteries fail to fulfil this purpose. 

What’s next? What is the solution when your phone runs out of battery while driving or when you are on trips? The simple solution for this problem is to carry a car charger or cigarette lighter USB charger on the way.

In this modern technological era, we have several options like USB PD charges, Qualcomm Quick Chargers, and portable power banks as well. But, cigarette lighter USB chargers serve the best with good efficiency when it comes to moving vehicles.

Introduction To Cigarette Lighter USB Charger

Most cars have built-in USB charging ports to charge your smartphones, but it takes ages to complete the charging process. So, the better solution is to use a cigarette lighter USB charger. These chargers are affordable and come in handy whenever your smartphone runs out of battery. Some of these accessories charge not only smartphones but also light-up cigarettes. In other words, these products are very versatile.

These chargers come in stylish and sleek looks and are easy to use. These Cigarette Lighter USB Chargers can charge your phone and other devices faster than the USB port that comes in your car. You can charge one or multiple devices simultaneously. The USB-C port of the car chargers supports fast charging, and with a USB-A port, you can charge any device.

There are plenty of cigarette lighter USB chargers available in the market but choosing the best one for your needs is a daunting task. That’s why we prepared a short and simple list of the best cigarette lighter USB chargers to save you time and money. So, without wasting time, let’s quickly move towards reviewing the best cigarette lighter USB chargers in the section below.

Best Cigarette Lighter USB Chargers

We have collected a few of the best cigarette lighter-to-USB options for you in this article here.

ANIOPE USB Car Charger Mini Cigarette Lighter

If you run out of budget and are looking for an affordable car charger, the ANIOPE Cigarette Lighter USB charger is an excellent option to buy. This USB Car Charger delivers a total output of 36W with its dual ports.

ANIOPE USB Car Charger Mini Cigarette Lighter

You can charge two devices simultaneously at QC3.0 speed. This dual-port car charger is 3x faster than the standard chargers. Not only an Android phone, but this cigarette lighter USB charger can also charge iPhones. 

The sleek and small design of the charger can fit anywhere in the car. It also has an LED indicator that helps you identify the charger even in the darkness. The charger is portable; you can take it anywhere you go. Moreover, it is 100% safe and protects your device from over-current, over-charge, and high temperature. Overall, it’s a fantastic USB cigarette lighter adapter under $20.

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Anker Car Charger

Anker is one of the best America’s leading charging brands, which means the Anker Car Charger provides complete protection to you and your devices. It comes with both USB-A ports that deliver the maximum output of 24W.

Anker Car Charger

You can simultaneously charge two phones at once. The only disadvantage of the charger is that it is not compatible with Qualcomm QC. 

It’s a super small design that can fit anywhere in your car. It is hassle-free to plug and unplug the charger with its rigid end design. It is relatively faster than the car’s USB port. And, it is better than ordinary car chargers that experience a reduction in charging after many uses. This cigarette lighter USB car charger is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and all Android smartphones.

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YANTU Cigarette Lighter USB Charger

YANTU Cigarette Lighter USB Charger comes with five different sockets. It has three cigarette lighter sockets and 2 USB ports. It means you can charge five devices simultaneously.

Best Cigarette Lighter USB Charger 1

It provides a total output of 120W which is enough for charging five devices at the same time. Its 2 USB ports offer 2.4A current output for charging smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

Thanks to its USB-C port, which offers 1.5A current output for charging Android devices and provides 1A output for IOS devices. It provides 100% protection to you and your car from overcharging, overcurrent, and short circuits. Its LED display keeps you reminded of the car battery voltage if it’s too high or low. All in all, this charger is best for mainstream vehicles like cars, SUVs, trucks, etc.

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AmazonBasics Dual-Port USB Cigarette Lighter

If you are looking for a budget-friendly USB Cigarette Lighter, AmazonBasics Dual Port USB Cigarette Lighter is an excellent option to buy. It’s available in dual port and 4 port variations.

AmazonBasics Dual-Port USB Cigarette Lighter

This dual-port USB car charger quickly charges multiple devices at the same time. It throws a total output of 24W, which is enough to charge both devices with USB-A ports. It offers a maximum charging speed of 4.8amps, and it does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge.

Moreover, the charger works perfectly with all Apple and Android phones and is also compatible with iPad, LG, Nexus, HTC, and more. It also offers 100% protection against over-charging, over-voltage, and short circuits. The non-distracting LED light makes it convenient to find the charger even in darker areas. Above all, it’s a good, budget-friendly but a little bit slow charger on our list.

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Otium USB-C Two Socket Cigarette Lighter

Otium USB-C Two Socket Cigarette Lighter is best for charging five devices at the same time without worrying about power distribution. It offers a total output of 120W to charge multiple devices.

USB C Car Charger

The two 12V/24V cigarette lighter sockets support GPS and other car appliances at the same time, while the USB-A port is best for charging iPads, tablets, PCs, and other electronic devices.

Thanks to its USB-C port, which supports fast charging and is best for charging Android and iPhones. With the LED display, you can easily monitor your car battery once the vehicle power centre is on. It always keeps you updated with the battery health of your car. Its small and sleek design is best for rotation, which means stress-free charging on the way.

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LIHAN Multi USB Cigarette Lighter

If you are looking for a wireless vehicle outlet charger, the LIHAN Multi USB Cigarette Lighter Charger is the best option.

Multi USB Cigarette Lighter Adapter

This wireless charger comes with 3-USB ports means you can charge three devices at the same time with quick speed. The cigarette lighter sockets provide a total output of 60W, which is enough for charging many portable devices like GPS, DVDs, car vacuum cleaners, purifiers, etc.

Thanks to its LED light display you can quickly monitor the vehicle’s volt electric system.

You can also watch the real-time car voltage and battery life while driving. Lihan portable car charger protects you, your car, and your devices from over-current, over-voltage, and short circuits. This car charger is compatible with all Android and IOS devices.

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Wrap Up

Those are the top best cigarette lighter USB car chargers to buy in 2021. We know these small devices are different from each other in one or more ways. Some car chargers have LED displays and lights, while others are simple. Some have two USB ports, while some charge five devices at the same time. Please choose and buy the one that offers good value for your money and serves your purposes at its best.

Thanks for reading this article on TheAndroidPortal. We hope you bought the right product according to your requirements. To explore more cool gadgets, follow us and stay tuned with us for the latest updates. 

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