Looking for the best car mounts for Samsung Galaxy S8? Looking for the best car mount to keep your phone safe while driving? If yes, then you land on the right page.

Today In this article, we will discuss the best car mounts for the Samsung Galaxy S8. So, read our article further you will get all the details.

As you know, Galaxy S8 is the most popular phone in the market in terms of specs and features. So, it might be quite hard to not frequently use it when you own one. But it’s hazardous to use your phone while driving. However, if you still access your favorite music and navigation while driving, then the car mount is the perfect solution for this problem.

With car mount, you just follow the turn-by-turn directions and answer incoming calls without having to take your hands off from the wheel.

So, today, we have collated the list of best car mounts for Samsung Galaxy S8, which enhances your comfort and flexibility level. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the best car mounts for Samsung Galaxy S8 available on Amazon.

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Best Car Mounts For Samsung Galaxy S8

Maxboost Car Mount For Samsung Galaxy S8

The perfect design of the Maxboost car mount slips perfectly into the air vent, which attaches to your cell phone with the pre-installed metal plate on the back.

The universal magnetic phone car mount comes with four powerful magnets built into the mount head and assures your phone stays secure if you are driving. The car mount is compatible with a wide variety of smartphones.

Maxboost Car Mount For Galaxy S8

Moreover, its reinforced dual-sized claw offers a perfect fit according to the size of your smartphone. The rubberized exterior part increases grip and keeps your car vent scratch-resistant. Its magnetic design is awesome means you do not need to worry about clamps, brackets, cradle or gel, and sticky residue.

At last, we would say it’s a perfect car mount for everyone with a Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone.

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Mpow 051 Car Mount For Samsung Galaxy S8

Mpow car mounts are among the essential S8 accessories that you should have to keep your phone safe while driving on the road. It provides hands-free GPS navigation and allows drivers to keep both hands on the wheel for better safety.

It also offers two foldable supporting feet, which are at the bottom of the clam, which allows convenient access to the charging port and home button.

Mpow 051 Car Mount For Galaxy S8

Additionally, if your car CD player goes unused, then you can make it functional again with the Mpow car holder. Put the base slips into your CD slot, and it expands and locks into the place so; your phone is secure and safe.

Moreover, it has three side grips to hold your phone in place. Its 360-degree swivel is fantastic for high viewing angles.

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Kenu Airframe Vent Car Mount Holder For Samsung Galaxy S8

Kenu airframe+ has a spring-loaded expandable jaw, which extends up to 3.4 inches wide to support larger smartphones, with up to 6 inches of screen.

Kenu phone holder for car keeps your Galaxy S8 smartphone safe, and insight at eye level and eliminates fumbling searches, looking away from the road, and other unsafe behaviors. Its soft over-molded grips keep your car safe from scratches.

Kenu Airframe Vent Car Mount Holder For Galaxy S8

Moreover, it can also work with the most oversized cases correctly. You can also enjoy a hands-free stand by just inserting any card at the back of the car mount, and your device is ready for a hands-free experience.

The device is compatible with all Android phones, including Samsung Galaxy S8, smartphones, and iPhones.

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iOttie Easy Touch 2 Car Mount Holder For Samsung Galaxy S8

The iOttie Easy Touch 2 provides a safe, versatile, and highly functional smartphone mounting solution. The IOttie comes with two standard features.

This Samsung Galaxy S8 car mount includes the iOttie patented one-touch locking feature as well as the iOttie super sticky gel pad. It has a telescopic arm that can be extended up to additional inches for viewing better angles.

iOttie Easy Touch 2 Car Mount Holder For Galaxy S8

Furthermore, its redesigned bottom foot ensures that you cannot face any interference with your device’s bottom ports. It also offers a separate dashboard pad to support improved mounting on texture and curved surfaces. It also provides a wireless charging solution that means you no longer need to get tangled up in locating cords or cables with your vehicle.

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Bosynoy Dashboard Car Mount For Samsung Galaxy S8

The Bosynoy car mounts easily rest on your vehicle as it has been designed without any magnets. With its one-touch mechanism, you can easily unlock or release the device. It also offers maximum safety while driving and cannot interfere with your view.

Its black matte surface is highly stylish, comfortable, and non-dazzling. Also, its gel pad sticks cannot leave any hard stains on the dashboard.

Bosynoy Dashboard Car Mount For Galaxy S8

Additionally, the lines on the surface of the car phone holder perfectly combine with a car interior, and it can be used to keep parking cards or keys when not in use. It also offers universal compatibility to both Android phones and iPhones.

It is made of high quality and environmental materials of plastic with rubber. The car mount has a long lifespan and is resistant. Overall, it is another best car mounts for Samsung Galaxy S8 to buy right now!

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Techmate magnetic phone holder for Car

The strong neodymium magnet of this car mount separates it from the other car mounts. Techmatte universal magnetic car mount holder produces an intense magnetic attraction that will be compatible with most smartphones and iPhones.

Techmatte Magnetic Car Phone Holder For Galaxy S8

The surface of this car mount is made of rubber, so it is perfect for your car’s air vent. It promises that the base of the mount will hold the firm and keep your smartphone in place during most driving conditions. Also, thanks to its swivel technology, which rotates your smartphone and swivels your display according to your preference.

The minimalistic design of the magnetic car mount holder is amazing, and thanks to that, you can place a metal plate onto the back of the Galaxy S8 smartphone. The magnetic mount holder has a smooth surface and is perfectly suitable for mounting and holding any smartphone.

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So, here, the roundup ends. Those are the lists of some best car mounts for Samsung Galaxy S8. We hope you enjoyed reading and exploring these best car mounts for Samsung Galaxy S8 and found the best one.

Thanks for reading this post. For more updates related to Android, do follow us and stay tuned with us on The Android Portal website.

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